How Far We’ve Come

“Well I believe it all is coming to an end. Oh well. I guess we’re gonna pretend.”-Matchbox Twenty

IMG_0891You guys! Not only is it the freakin’ weekend BUT it’s freakin’ marathon weekend. AHHHH. Carbs are back in my life after a 5 day hiatus and I’m the happiest girl in the world. GJ is on his way down and all I can think about is shoving my face with guac and chips tonight. Did I mention it’s marathon weekend yet? I’ll be picking up my bib after work and then we’re headed to La Casa de tu Madre, a new Mexican spot right down the block from my house. What could be better than eating my body weight in guac at a place called “Your Mom’s House”?! Napoleon Dynamite would be so proud.

IMG_0981Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past four months. I thought it would be fun to add up all the miles I’ve run since July, when marathon training started. In total, I’ve logged 552 miles. That’s the distance from Philly to Charlotte. Or Knoxville. Or Toledo! Holy shit Batman. Not only has all this running made my legs stronger, but it’s made me mentally and emotionally stronger too. I learned so much about my body, my heart, and my head. There were a lot of downs, but just as many ups. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the love and unconditional support of my family and friends. Hungry/tired/frustrated/sweaty/sore Katera is not the easiest person to deal with. But they’ve being doing it day in and day out. And when I cross that starting line on Sunday, those 26.2 miles will be fueled by bagels and all kinds of love.

I’m excited. I’m terrified. I’m ready to kick some asphalt. Bring it on Philly, I’m so ready for ya!

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The road can be long, the distance is hard but I won’t let it swallow you.”-Cheat Codes

Marathon week! Hump day! AHHHH! I’m FOUR days away from running my very first marathon and am more emotional than a preggo. Not even kidding. My emotions are all over the place. One minute I’m so excited I can barely sit still (which is happening a lot due to tapering). The next minute I’m so scared all I can do is crawl up in a ball on my couch. The only way I know how to calm my nerves is music, so when I’m feeling restless and anxious, I open Spotify and listen to my¬† 26.2 playlist. Most of the time it’s giving me goosebumps and getting my blood pumping/ready to run. Then sometimes it’s making me cry, as I envision myself crossing the finish line. So maybe it’s like 7 hours long. At least I won’t be running out of motivational beats.

Oh and ya know what else is getting me through tapering and the mood swings? The sweetest article my by amazing sister. Enjoy!


“You ransacked my drawers, cluttered up my floors and made a mess of me.”-Sam Hunt

IMG_0697It’s no secret to you all how obsessed I am with Sam Hunt. This song is giving me goosebumps from my eyelashes to my toenails. I listen to it at least 8 times a day and that is not a joke.

Anywho…thank God it’s Friday. I have zero plans this weekend and am so excited to only have a 12 mile run ahead of me. Tapertown really isn’t too bad so far. I’ve heard plenty of stories about people going crazy because you have all this extra time. But it’s been fun decreasing my mileage and still upping my pace. Here’s what my log looks like from this week:

  • Monday: 4-mile run (8:33-8:43 pace)
  • Tuesday: Circuit training+spin class
  • Wednesday: 6-mile run (8:44-9:03 pace)
  • Thursday: 5-mile run (8:57-9:12 pace)
  • Friday: Circuit training+spin
  • Saturday: 12-mile run
  • Sunday: Rest

Here’s to the weekend and lots of nothing :)