“All your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine, cutting me to the bone, nothing left to leave behind.”-Fall Out Boy

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting since I’m currently en route to San Francisco, but I couldn’t resist. Irresistible is exactly what this song is…so much so that I ran 7 miles to it on repeat on Sunday. Fall Out Boy did it again and I can’t stop, won’t stop. Rather than just give you the link to the video, I decided to give you the full playlist that has been fueling my runs. Happy Monday!!

IMG_8664 IMG_8665



Get To Me

“I imagine that you are above me like a star & you keep on glowing & you keep on showing me the way.”-Train

IMG_8628This may have been the longest short week ever. I swear the weeks keep getting longer and the weekends go by way too fast. I feel like I was just headed back to Chambersburg for the long weekend. As nice as it was to disconnect from everything, I didn’t feel like I relaxed as much as I wanted to. Half of the time I was running from house to house, hugging and kissing and cuddling my way through family and friends. On Friday night once I got back, I went over to my cousin’s house for dinner. We did a burger bar and it was delish. I slept in a little on Saturday, did some hill intervals, and then made my way over to A’s house. We spent the day watching movies and snuggling on the couch. He even cooked me a yummy (see picture to the right) dinner. I’m a lucky girl. On Sunday after lunch at my aunt’s, I headed to my cousin’s hockey game. Oh what freezing fun that was. I can’t to go back for another visit/game. Words I thought I’d never hear myself say.

IMG_8639My training journal arrived on Tuesday, but I decided that I’d start writing in it on Monday. I’m about two months away from officially starting my marathon training plan and can’t wait to share some of my entries with you. Here’s this week’s run log:

  • Monday:3-mile run+ab circuits
  • Tuesday: 40-minute fartlek run (4.63 miles)+upper body circuit
  • Wednesday: 8x200s+lower body circuits
  • Thursday: 4-mile run+upper body circuits
  • Friday: 3-mile run
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 7-mile run

I’ll be spending next week in San Francisco for work, so I probably won’t be posting until I’m back. Talk to everyone in February! Ahhhhhh :)

I See Fire

“And if we should die tonight, we should all die together. Raise a glass of wine for the last time.”-Ed Sheeran

And the Ed Sheeran obsession continues. Happy hump day loves. I’ve been hella busy catching up from my day off Monday, so this post will be short but sweet. I hope everyone had a wonderful, long weekend and I can’t wait to catch up with you on Friday!

Nowhere Fast

“Red sky faded to black, a couple cans deep in a six pack. World disappearing around us, temptation always found us.”-Old Dominion

IMG_8618TGI-friggen-F. Seriously, thank God it’s Friday. After work today, I’m headed back to cow country for a little R&R over the long weekend. I’ll get to spend time with my aunts, my Margo, and my boy. After the past two weeks, I don’t think I’ve needed a break more. Since a 5k race was on my training plan this week, I had an extra rest day that I used to cross train. Instead of signing up for a race, I met up with my friend and we raced each other. He’s a much faster runner than I am, so trailing behind him really helped me keep that goal pace. Even though I’ve used this blog as a training journal of sorts, I decided to buy a Believe I Am training journal. I can’t wait to start documenting the road to my first marathon.

Here’s what my training log from this week looked like:

  • Monday: 5-mile run+abs
  • Tuesday: 3-mile run+lower body circuits
  • Wednesday: Spin class+upper body circuits
  • Thursday: 5k
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 5xhill repeats (3.75 miles)
  • Sunday: 3-mile run

Since I have off work on Monday for the holiday, I doubt I’ll be posting. Talk to everyone on Wednesday :)

Love Me Like You Do

“Only you can set my heart on fire. I’ll let you set the pace, cause I’m not thinking straight.”-Ellie Goulding

Obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. I can barely wait for Fifty Shades to come out, but when I heard Ellie Goulding’s new song, off the soundtrack, I about died and went to heaven. So this song has been on repeat, and since it’s Hump Day, I found it to be very appropriate. Enjoy ;)

My Beautiful Rescue

“At the top of my lungs I’m singing you a song. Don’t you leave me alone.”-This Providence

IMG_8607Oh Monday. As much as I don’t want to be headed out in the cold to work, I’m one more day closer to Friday. I can’t wait for the long weekend and to be reunited with all of my loves. I’ve gotten a couple of questions about my diet during training. I’ve been trying my best to get back into a stricter diet, but with the holidays just wrapping up, it’s been a slow process. Here’s what my usual day of eating looks like. Hope this helps you all!

  • 7am: Coffee with almond milk and a piece of fruit. This is usually the time when I’m walking to the train, so it’s easy to grab a banana or an apple on my way out the door.
  • 9:30/10am: Greek yogurt with almonds. Once I get settled in at the office, I’ll have a Greek yogurt to hold me over until lunch.
  • 12pm: Soup and fruit or a salad. Lunch is always my biggest meal. I either bring in soup that I get from Whole Foods and make a fresh fruit salad or I’ll make a big salad from the cafeteria upstairs or bring one from Trader Joe’s.
  • 4:30/5PM: Trail-mix or string cheese. As I’m on the train home, I’ll snack on a little something to give me a boost before my run/workout.
  • 7pm: Questbar. Right after my run, I’ll eat a Questbar to refuel. Once I’m home, I’ll either have some soup or a yogurt. I know it’s probably bad, but I’m never hungry after a run, so I don’t do a big dinner.

Say You Do

“Mess me up. Get in my head. Steal my t-shirt. Wreck my bed.”-Dierks Bentley

imageHappy happy Friday loves! This week has been absolutely atrocious. It was cold and snowy and so hectic that I was in bed at 9 every night. I couldn’t be more excited to relax this weekend.  I have no big plans this weekend, except run a few errands and get a new pair of Asics. Even though work was brutal, I still managed to crush this week of training. Here’s what my log looks like:

  • Monday: 35-minute tempo (4.23 miles)+upper body circuits
  • Tuesday: 3-mile run+lower body circuits
  • Wednesday: 5-mile run
  • Thursday: 3-mile run+upper body ciruits
  • Friday: 5xhill repeats (4 miles)+ab circuits
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 8-mile run

Cheers to the weekend!