“I’m just a believer that things will get better. Some can take it or leave it, but I don’t wanna let it go.”-American Authors

1779796_10153290211885299_1078670592659577997_nGood morning loves! It’s Thanksgiving week and my house is already filled with all kinds of yummy smells. This week also marks the beginning of my road to Boston. I told ya last week how I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and train for my first full marathon. My goal is to run a marathon in October 2015, and have it qualify me for Boston. For me age group, I’ll need to finish in 3:35. While it’s totally doable, it’s going to take a lot of hard work. But I’ve been running half-marathons regularly for the past 4 years and I’m ready for this new challenge.

Since this week is Thanksgiving, each post is going to celebrate something I’m thankful for. This morning, as I head to Baltimore for a procedure, I’m thankful for my health. Even though I really wanted to run the Philly Half yesterday, I decided to take the week off from running (and blogging too—sorry) before starting to train again. After racing two weekends in a row, physically I needed the break. But it made me mentally feel sluggish and lazy. I practically jumped out of bed this morning to run, and as I was finishing the last half mile of my run, I realized how much my legs appreciated the extra rest.

New training logs always make me super happy, so I decided to finally updated my About Me page. I could only tell people I’m 24 for so long. Go check it out!

No Easy Way Out

“Some things are worth fighting for, some feelings never die.”-Survivor

10648187_10153303951605299_7824608398142205317_oWell hello there! A year ago, after running a PR at the Philly half, I told you all that I not only wanted to run my first marathon, but I wanted to run my first marathon and have it qualify me for Boston (find proof of that statement here). Maybe it was the runner’s high from such a great race, or maybe it was my annoying need to set the bar just a little higher than the normal person, but a year later and I still can’t kick that feeling. SO…I’m officially announcing that I’m giving up my love for half-marathons (probably only temporarily) to dedicate the next year of my life to training for my first full, Boston qualifying marathon. After talking with a million and one running gurus, and picking out the race that will turn my goal into a reality, I couldn’t be more excited to take this next step in my relationship with running. From now until October 11, 2015, Boston will be my boyfriend. You already know that I’m an all or nothing kinda girl, and this is one thing I’m pumped about giving my all towards. And I can’t wait to take you all on this journey with me :)

1932604_10153306084305299_7593608610298140688_oThis weekend filled my heart with lots of running love. On Saturday, my mama and I bundled up and headed to the Philadelphia Art Museum for the first annual Rocky Balboa Run. Over 7,000 people braved the frigid temperatures to run like the Italian Stallion. If there is one thing this city loves more than its sports and cheese steaks, it’s Rocky. Between the costumes and the soundtrack playing, I may or may not have a tear rolling down my cheek as I lined up at the starting line. I opted to run the 10k and finished in 54 minutes, which after last weekend’s run, is a much better sense of where my training has brought me. After the run, my dad and I headed up to UPenn for College Game Day. Even though we couldn’t come home with a win, it was well worth the shivers.

This week is going to be super busy, between work and gearing up for my last race of the fall season. I just hope that it goes fast because I’m way too excited for Thanksgiving to be here. Anyone else with me on that one?


“Stone-hard, machine gun, firing at the ones who run.”-David Guetta

IMG_8345TGIF babes! I have a super fun weekend ahead of me and after this week, I need all the fun I can get. Even though this week was short, after having off Friday and a crazy week coming up, I was super busy. I’m headed over to Citizen’s Bank Park tonight after work to pick up my packet for the Rocky Balboa Run tomorrow. I’m so excited, mostly because Philadelphia themed races are my favorite. Plus, my friend Chelsey is running it too. Here’s what my recovery week log looked like:

  • Monday: PM spin class+abs
  • Tuesday: 4-mile run+upper body weight circuits
  • Wednesday-40-minute tempo run
  • Thursday-3-mile run+abs
  • Friday-Rest
  • Saturday-10k Race
  • Sunday: Yoga

Hope y’all have something fun planned for the weekend. Cheers :)

Split Screen Sadness

“So I’ll check the weather wherever you are cause I wanna know if you can see the stars tonight.”-John Mayer

IMG_8316Good morning loves! It’s a chilly morning here in Philly and I’ve finally lost all the soreness in my legs from this weekend. Nashville was absolutely amazing. Even though I didn’t run nearly as fast as I hoped, the course was beautiful. If you follow me on Instagram (@katera_anne), I was posting all kinds of pictures from the second I left Philly. When I got in on Friday, the first thing I did was head straight to where the CMA’s were, in hopes that I might be able to spot Sam Hunt/Luke Bryan walking around. But no such luck, and all I left with was my race packet. J and I grabbed a quick lunch before she had to head out to shoot a wedding. I spent the rest of the day exploring the city, from Broadway to Vanderbilt.

IMG_8323I was up at 3:30 on Saturday morning to eat and get myself ready for the race. J drove us down to the starting line and we stood around shivering a little before the start. There weren’t nearly as many people as I thought there would be, but small races are always nice. Everyone was so sweet and the energy at the starting line was awesome. We started at 7:05 and by the time I crossed the finish line, it was 9. I think it was a mix of starting off a little too fast, and not being used to running on rolling hills, but by mile 9, my right left was solid as a rock from cramps. I ended up walking on and off for about 2 miles, before I started to just haul ass to the finish line. I finished strong and loved every minute of the race. It gave me a chance to see all that Nashville has to offer, and has me ready for my next trip back.

IMG_8331After the race, we made our way down to Franklin, which is about 14 miles south of Nashville, where J’s husband was working. We spent the afternoon wandering around The Factory, drinking hand-crafted lattes, and eating blueberry pancake donuts. Main Street Franklin is the most adorable little spot, with lots of boutiques and shops. We stopped at 55 South for a bite to eat, before heading back to Nashville for the night. There was a local little spot right next to J and D’s apartment called Tavern that had the best cocktails. Since we had such an early day, it quickly became an early night. My flight out was at  8 on Sunday morning, so a quick trip to Starbucks was much-needed.

Since I have another race this weekend (just a 10k), I’m logging a few runs this week. I started spinning again, and my legs are oh so thankful. I’ve also made a pretty big decision that I’ll share with you on Friday :)


Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now

“It’s my time, yeah it’s my town. I pray my feet won’t ever slow me down, don’t fail me now.”-Needtobreathe

image1Good morning and greetings from Nashville, y’all! My flight just landed and I’m off to Music City Center to pick up my bib. I’m starting to get all kinds of jitters, but hopefully seeing a familiar face will calm me down. One of my closest family friends lives here, so I’ll be staying with her all weekend. We made dinner reservations fat her favorite restaurant, The Southern, and I can’t wait for her to show me all her favorite local spots. She’s also an amazing photographer, so I’m hoping we can snap some great pictures while we’re out and about (and maybe a few at the race tomorrow, too).

Send me lots of love and luck tomorrow, as I cross that starting line at 7am. Feet, don’t fail me now!


“Nashville is burning tonight, you turn me right round baby like a 45.”-Mat Kearney

IMG_8279Happiest hump day to you all! My man Mat Kearney dropped a new single yesterday and I’ve been throwing it in the mix with the usual Sam Hunt/Taylor Swift jams. Such a good fall jam. Listen to it here!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before I head down south for the race. Still in total limbo about what to wear but since I only want to bring my a carry-on, I’ll have to figure something out tonight. I’ll probably end up tearing through City Sports tonight and buying some new goodies. What fun is racing if you don’t look cute too. I figured I’d share my tapering week with you now, since the rest of the week will be spent resting my legs and attempting to fit everything I need into a book-bag. It’s been a wild 12 weeks of training, with lots of highs and lows, fasts and slows, but I’m excited to run in a city that I’ve ever run in before. I’m going to try my best to relax, not put any pressure on myself, and just enjoy the run. Fast or slow, it’s going to be a blast and I’m going to enjoy every sweaty second of it.

  • Monday: Spin class
  • Tuesday: 4-mile run
  • Wednesday: 30-minute tempo run
  • Thursday: early and easy 2-mile run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: RACE DAY!


“Myself was never enough for me, gotta be so strong. There’s a power in what you do.”-Calvin Harris

IMG_8255Good morning loves! Happy November! I’m so excited that November is finally here. It’s marathon month for everyone and after following all the runners in New York City yesterday, I’m so ready to go to Nashville. We wrapped up October and celebrated Halloween the only way we know how: drinking, dancing, and lots of food/candy. Everyone showed up around 7 on Friday night, and the door didn’t shut until almost midnight. By the time the last person let, it felt like I had run a marathon. My legs were so sore from bartending and making sure everyone was full of festive goodies. I was mixing lots of yummy cocktails: pumpkin martinis, Fireball and apple cider, and lots of pumpkin beers. We had pumpkin cupcakes, Philly soft pretzels with pumpkin dip, and some sloppy Joe sammies. I wasn’t expecting people to stay as long as they did, but I was so happy when everyone decided to ditch the bar and stay in. Clearly, the hostess with the mostest right here :)

IMG_8265On Saturday, I woke up to lots of cold and lots of rain, so I spent the day inside, watching college football, eating leftover cupcakes/candy, and snuggling with my babes. Getting that extra hour of sleep on Saturday night made for a great Sunday Runday. I woke up, layered on, and headed out for my last training run. 12 miles layer, my legs were spent and I was ready for some hot apple cider. Compression socks have never felt so nice. And as always, it was fun to watch the Eagles win. The carb depleting has begun, but my Monday is still off to a great start with free coffee and Steve Madden boots. Hope the day treats you well!