These Streets

“We have stained these walls with our mistakes and flaws. But even if we won’t admit it to ourselves we’ll walk upon these streets and think of little else.”-Bastille

IMG_8170Happy Friday loves! It’s been a long, humid, rainy week here in Philly (as you can see from my picture), but the weekend is finally here and it’s bringing fall weather. I’ve got a fun weekend ahead of me, with a long run and lots of girl time with my mama and my aunt. We’re kicking off my mom’s birthday celebrations early and I can’t wait! I’m sure there will be lots of shopping, cooking, and eating. I can hardly believe that we’re more than half way through October. November will be here before I know it and as excited as I am for my race, I’m also pumped to have a month or two off from training. My next half-marathon isn’t until March, so I’ll be able to take some time off around the holidays. I love running, but there are days when lacing up those Asics is tough. This was one of those weeks. But I sucked it up, and made it through. As long as the fall temperatures stick around, I’ll be spending every extra minute I have outside.

Here’s what my training log looked liked from this week:

  • Monday-5 mile run+abs
  • Tuesday-45 tempo run+upper body weights
  • Wednesday-3 mile run+leg day
  • Thursday-5 mile run+upper body weights
  • Friday-REST
  • Saturday-11 mile run
  • Sunday-Yoga

I hope everyone had a great week. Cheers to the weekend :)

Say You Love Me

“Cause I don’t wanna fall in love if you don’t wanna try. But all that I’ve been thinking of is maybe that you might.”-Jessie Ware

IMG_8161Happy hump day loves! I had the most relaxing long weekend and have been slowly getting back into the swing of things with work and training. We got into New York pretty late on Friday night, but for some reason, I was up before the sun on Saturday morning. I got out and did a quick 3 mile run before coming back to enjoy coffee and breakfast with my grandparents. We spent the day the best way the Pellegrinos know how-watching college football and cooking. The weather was beautiful so we made sure to spend as much time between games outside enjoying the foliage as possible. Since I couldn’t drink any of my favorite Saranac beers, I made sure to stock up on warm apple cider. On Sunday, I headed out for a long hike through the mountains. I ran part of the trails, and then decided to slow it down and enjoy the sights. I didn’t realize how chilly it would be, but by the time I was done, I was sweaty and my legs were like jello-my favorite combination! The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and spending time with my family. I don’t get to see my dad’s side of the family nearly enough, and it was bitter-sweet leaving them on Monday.

Once we got into the city, it was back to the hustle and bustle of the real world. It’s going to be a pretty busy couple of months between work and running, so having this past weekend will hopefully hold me over until Thanksgiving. How did you guys spend the long weekend? Do anything fun?


“You’re the only one invited, I said there’s no one else for you. Cause you know I get excited when you get jealous too.”-Nick Jonas

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIt’s Friday and I’m not even slightly ashamed to say that I’ve been playing this song non-stop for about two weeks. Even though the Jo-Bros were always a secret small guilty pleasure of mine, Nick Jonas all grown up is taking this obsession to a whole other level. I can’t stop jamming to this song. Don’t judge. Sometimes a girl just needs a little teeny-bopper pop in her life.

Anyways, back to why we’re really here. TGI-freakin-F! I want to give the biggest shout-out to Kristin, over at Stamped With a Heart, for donating to my race. You totally made my week and I can’t thank you enough love! The weekend is finally upon us and I’m pumped because I’m headed to New York since I have off Monday. I’ll be able to spend the weekend, cell-phone free, enjoying the always gorgeous Adirondacks. Upstate New York is my second favorite place to spend the fall season. I’m sure it’s going to be at least 20 degrees cooler up there, but that makes me even more giddy. Regardless of the higher altitudes, I’m excited to get out and enjoy the trails, whether it’s running or hiking!

IMG_8124Here a look at my training log from this week:

  • Monday: 9x400s + leg day
  • Tuesday: 3-mile run + upper body weights
  • Wednesday: 5-mile rub + abs circuits
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: 9-mile run
  • Saturday: 3-mile recovery run
  • Sunday: 5-mile trail run/hike

I’m leaving all devices in Philly while I’m away, so I’ll be talking to everyone on Wednesday! Xoxoxo!

Feel So Close

“Your love pours down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall and there’s no stopping us right now.”-Calvin Harris

210de891-c1b2-4ab8-bb2d-258074ce99d4I can hardly believe that one month from today I’ll be in Nashville, running with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’m pumped because not only do I get to run a race in a brand new city, but I get to visit friends that I haven’t seen in the longest time. The pre-race dinner reservations have already been made and I can’t wait to explore the city!

I’m only 20% of the way to reaching my fundraising goal and I’m asking for all your help. My goal is raise $1000 dollars before I cross that starting line and I’m starting to worry that I won’t reach my goal. If you can, please visit my page here and make a donation. I’ve been so blessed to have the most supportive friends and family and could never thank you enough for all your love and encouragement. Help me create a world with less cancer and more birthdays!


Wild Ones

“It might take time, it might take faith. The things we build, they’ll never break.”-You Me At Six

IMG_8102Happy Monday loves! The fall weather is finally here to stay and that makes me so happy. I love the chilly walks to work in the morning, and the cooler walks home at night. The only down side is that it’s getting darker a whole lot earlier. I’m sure I’ve said this about 92837 times before, but Fall is my favorite season and there is no better place to spend it than Philly. This weekend I was able to pull out the boots and sweaters and finally make some room for my cozy clothes. We spent Friday night at Frankford Hall, enjoying pumpkin ciders and games of Jenga. It’s been a while since I’ve made my way over to that part of town, but now that it’s fall, Frankford Hall will be seeing lots more of me. Well after Nashville, of course. This was my last weekend of drinking until after my race. Yoga instead of wine? Yeah I guess that will have to do. On Saturday morning I woke up to lots and lots of rain, which meant I spent literally the entire day in bed, catching up on shows and cuddling with my pup. We made lots of soups for the week, and a yummy apple pie. It felt so good having the house all warm and toasty. On Sunday when I woke up to run, I was pumped to feel the 40 degree weather, but boy did I forget how it makes my lungs feel after. I spent the rest of the day hacking up a lung, with my compression socks on. Those 10 miles felt wonderful though, and definitely put me in a better mood after a rather sluggish week of running.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and your week is off to a great start!

Run Wild

“Some people run from fear, some from their own reflection, some people run their mouth.”-for King and Country

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetHello Friday! I’m just about a month away from heading to Nashville and I’m starting to get the jitters. My runs have been going well…up until this week. I felt fat and sluggish and slow. I know sometimes you just have off weeks, and for the past few I’ve felt strong, but I still don’t feel fast enough. Hopefully the last month of training will go smoothly and I’ll race well! Here’s my training log from this week:

  • Monday: 4.5 mile run+upper body weights
  • Tuesday: 40 minute tempo+leg weights
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run+ab circuits
  • Thursday: 5 mile run+upper body weights
  • Friday: Yoga
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 10-mile run


Matt and I were suppose to go to Hershey tomorrow to visit some Hawkmates, but we completely forgot that he has his nursing school entrance exam, so it looks like we’ll be laying low Philly (which I’m equally as excited about). Hope y’all have something fun planned! Talk to ya Monday :)


“Hope in a better place is all I need, with moments of innocence and mystery.”-City and Colour

IMG_8043HAPPY OCTOBER BABIES!!!!! My favorite month is here and I practically danced my way into work this morning. I love October for so many reasons. It’s the first real month of Fall. It’s the month with two very fun celebrations: my mom’s birthday and Halloween. AND it’s one month closer to my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! From now until December, it’s literally pumpkin everything. Lattes, pies, ice cream, chapstick, cookies, muffins, and most importantly, BEER! There is so much coming up to be excited about. My blog is going to be taken over by fall festivities and I couldn’t be happier. Share with me all your fall favorites!