“Well we’ve been running for miles from the place that we found ourselves.”-Eighty Ninety

IMG_2609Oh my loves. Happy Friday. The DNC  has finally left the building, and all is almost alright in the world. It’s been an emotional week, but an even crazier month. As much fun as July was, I’m ready to start over fresh in August.

I’m coasting into my third week of marathon training and this week seemed to be one of the hardest. The second I step outside, my head throbs. I start running and it doesn’t stop. I hate to be the one to say it but…I’m so ready for cooler weather. I’m not talking snow and below zero temperatures. But I have been day dreaming about no humidity and mid-60s. Sorry, not sorry.

IMG_2587Here’s what my training log from this week looks like:

  • Monday: 3-mile run+NTC
  • Tuesday: 4-mile run
  • Wednesday: 3-mile run+NTC
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: 10-mile long run
  • Saturday: 3-mile easy
  • Sunday: 6-mile intervals (2-mile warm up, 6x400s, 2-mile cool down)

This weekend, I get to spend time with my family, celebrating my little nugget’s 6th birthday. I can’t wait to relax by the pool, breathe some fresh country air, and get all of the snuggles from my girl. Cheers!

You Don’t Own Me

“That’s when she told me she ain’t never ever ever ever gonna be owned.”-Grace

Yo. This jam, is my jam of all jams. Because it’s hump day and it’s also leg day and I can’t stop, won’t stop with this song. It’s a far cry from the song I was obsessed with by her before. This girl has some pipes, y’all. Get listening. Get lifting. Get after it:)

You Don’t Know Love

“I know I made some bad decisions, but my last one was you.”-Olly Murs

Hey there hump day. It seems like Wednesday jumped into my lap, which I’m sure is in part to how busy this week has been. But hey, I’m not complaining. One day closer to FriYAY. This song has been on repeat for a good week. It’s one of those songs I can run to, dance to, listen to repetitively on the train. Get at it, loves!