Dancing With the DJ

“We don’t care if the sun comes up, cause you know we’ll be dancing with the DJ”- Chiddy Bang

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. That means that New Year’s Eve is getting closer too. There’s so much going on in the city that it’s hard to figure out what to do. Last year, Joey and I went to New Year’s Eve at the Piazza. It was absolutely wild. We were with a big group of our friends and had an absolute blast. Things got a little out of control when we realized just how easy it was to get lost in what we thought was a “small” area. With over 3,000 people and 6 different bars, things got crazy pretty quickly. Some of us were in the VIP section, while others decided to stay outside by the stage and music. We were all able to see the ball drop on the huge screen and could hear the fireworks outside coming from Penn’s Landing. The only part that wasn’t fun: finding a cab home at 3am, in 30 degree weather. Word to the wise: walk against traffic, not with it.

So now that it’s the time of year to start searching for options and buying tickets, I’m starting to get that party planning anxiety. It happens every year, then it goes away as soon as I know what I’m doing, and it all turns to mounds of happiness and excitement. Both Joey and I agreed that we didn’t want to do something so massive and potentially messy like we did last year. I did a bar crawl the year before, and much like the Piazza, while it was a ton of fun, things got hectic quite quickly. I guess that tends to happen with a big group of people. So after going over things again and again in my head (like I tend to do with every little thing), I decided that I want to do something that’s laid back and not a bar crawl. Odds are we’ll be with a group of at least 10, so it needs to accommodate all of us, without giving us too much space to get lost. We’ve contemplated getting bottle service somewhere and just hanging out in one place the whole night. This solves the problem of losing people and spending half the night trying to get everyone together in the same spot for a toast. We talked about maybe just going somewhere really nice for dinner and to watch the ball drop. And then there’s the last resort: staying in with Chinese food, champagne, and a movie marathon. What better way to avoid the crowds and craziness, right?

Now that we have the possible party options, here’s my biggest dilemma: I’ve already picked out my outfit. Go ahead and laugh. Yes, I already know what I want to wear when I’m drinking champagne and dancing and watching everyone get excited about the New Year. It’s my second favorite holiday (after Thanksgiving)! I love what it stands for: a fresh start and a revitalized hope to get the best out of your life. And it’s a reason to drink champagne. Have you caught on to how much I love champagne yet?

Here’s where I need your help. What should I do? What are you doing? Tell me, tell me!


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