“A lawyer couldn’t object or disrespect the technique. Sweat me, wipe off the sweat.” -Outkast

Because I’m adjusting to a new job this week, my workouts have changed. I hate running at the gym, so I haven’t gone for a run since Saturday. I was logging 6 miles every other day last week and it felt great. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick that right back up next week, once I have my new regular work schedule.

proxy (16)So instead of running in the morning, I’ve been doing the next best thing: spin. I haven’t taken a class in over a month, mostly because I’m searching to find Sweat’s best instructor. I’m really picky when it comes to the classes I take. I’m somewhat of a spin snob, because I was spoiled for so long by hardcore instructors and a phenomenal spin certification teacher. I’ve been known to leave a class if I’m not sweating within the first 10 minutes. I need good music and I need to know I’m getting my butt kicked–otherwise I feel like it’s a waste of an hour. So lately, I’ve been doing my own routines: the ones I used to teach or new ones that I’ve created. Just like running, new music always adds excitement to an old workout routine. It’s only ever me and that bike at 5am, so I take advantage of the solitude and do some serious damage.

Below is the routine that I did this morning. My legs were super tight from doing weights last night, so I knew I needed something good to shake them out. There are probably a few things that I should explain about spin routines. Some instructors teach to workouts, while others teach to songs. I’ve always taught to songs. I think it’s easier to keep up with a 4 minute workout when you have one song to get your heart rate going. Plus, you know that once that song is over, so is that workout. And then it’s on to the next one.  There are three “positions” when it comes to spin: standing upright, hovering, and sitting. Your hands are almost always rested, but not supporting your weight, on the handle bars in front of you. You should never use handle bars to support your weight. That defeats the purpose of the workout.

Cadence is the foofy term for how fast you’re going on your bike, or the revolutions per minute that your wheel is making. An easy cadence is about 50-70 RPMs. A full on sprint is around 120-130 RPMs. The songs that are labeled a “cadence” workout are spent keeping the same pace when switching between two, or possibly all three, positions. This is a lot harder than it sounds, but makes for a great challenge. I like to put a cadence workout in between of series of workouts because it gives your legs a few minutes to actively shake out the lactic acid you’ve built up from sprints or heavy resistance. Plus, it gives your butt a rest too 🙂

Song Artist Workout
I Can Transform Ya Chris Brown Warm up
Everybody Nose Pharrell Standing sprints
Superstar Lupe Fiasco Standing hill climb
Cooler Than Me Mike Posner Seated sprints
OMG Usher Cadence
Boyfriend Justin Bieber Hills & sprints
Ride Wit Me Nelly Seated speedwork
Dance & Shout Shaggy Standing sprints
Wake Up Call Maroon 5 Standing cadence
She Wolf Shakira Seated hill sprints
No Diggity Blackstreet Seated & standing hill climb
Sexy Back Justin Timberlake Standing climb
Closer Nine Inch Nails Seated climb
Womanizer Britney Spears Cadence
Evacuate the Dancefloor Cascada Sprints
You Got It Family Force 5 Cool Down
Time: 01:00:12 Miles: 20.3

Spinning has been my choice of cross-training since I began running long distance. It’s the best way to incorporate my two favorite things: music and sweating. Plus, it strengthens my legs and my lungs. Are there any other spinners out there? Do you have a favorite class? I’m always looking for new classes in the city, so share yours with me!



  1. Great list! I use a lot of those songs in my Spinning classes – and I may have to check out a few of the ones I haven’t yet 😉 It’s funny how particular people are about their classes, too – I’ve been at my gym for close to 3 years now and I’ve built quite the following (and reputation), which is such an incredible feeling – because truly the music and the instructor are what make or break a class (and it doesn’t seem to work when one is great and the other is so-so).

      1. I post my playlist each week after my class on Thursday nights, as well as any class I sub – I have for every class since March, so there are PLENTY of options!

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