“That’s why we won’t back down, we won’t run and hideYeah, cause these are the things that we can’t deny”- Rise Against

Monday was a great day. I woke up and did spin as usual, then later that night I went back to the gym, but with a partner. Joey finally joined the gym! It’s taken months and months of nagging convincing him, but I’m glad that he’s finally realized it’s time to put a little more effort into his health. As much as I love running and working out, there are days when it makes me feel less like a girl. All the sweating and lifting makes me feel manly. It kinda takes a toll on the gender roles in the relationship when the girlfriend can squat more than her boyfriend. Joey used to be in really great shape throughout  high school and college. He played football and baseball, and he wrestled. After high school, he worked at a feed mill, so he was doing strenuous, manual labor on a daily basis.  But once he started working for Volvo, in their finance department, all that muscle just disappeared. He was cycling here and there, but working out definitely took the backseat to other things. Being active is such an important thing to me. You all know how crazy I am: I work out twice a day. The gym and I have such a great relationship, but I’ve been struggling to find ways to combine my two loves. I’ve always said: a couple that sweats together, stays together. So for Christmas, Joey got a gym membership. I even got a little ahead of myself and registered us for a 5k together in February. I know, sometimes I’m too much, but this run looks like a lot of fun. It’s themed for couples, for Valentine’s Day. Your finish time is the total time of you and your partner. That being said, I’m definitely going to be increasing my track and speed workouts soon.


Yesterday, I went on my usual morning run. A week before Christmas and I’m running in shorts and a t-shirt. How crazy? While running, I decided that since I’ve been doing the same 6 mile loop for a few weeks that it’s time to increase the mileage on those weekly runs. Rather than running 6, I pushed it up to 7.  It felt great to push myself for a little longer. Now that I’m going to increase my runs during the week, that also means I’ll be increasing my weekend long runs too. With all the holiday treats that have been crashing my diet, I can definitely use the extra miles. I’ve also been trying out a few different yoga classes. Last night, I went over to Dhyana Yoga for a Dynamic Flow class. It was the perfect way to get out all the aches and tension from working all day after a longer run. I enjoy studio hopping just to see what I like and don’t like. I’ve never taken a class at Sweat, so I may have to look into doing that soon.

After Joey’s first night at the gym, I realized something: I need to narrow my weights routine down a little bit more. I’m a big fan of free weights and tend to stay away from the machines. For the most part, I just do what I feel like, and don’t have much of a routine, except for alternating upper and lower body days. Now that I have my training logs back, I’m going to jot down my old routines on here for you guys. Stay tuned!


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