Do It Like a Dude

“Stomp stomp, I’ve arrived. Drop the beat, nasty face. Why ya lookin at me?”-Jesse James

proxy (13)I should probably start off by saying that this is my favorite song to play when I start a strength training workout. If you’ve never heard it, here’s the video. I hope it makes you want to sweat like a dude, too. Anyways, I wanted to share with you one of the strength training routines that I’ve been doing lately. Since I’m not lifting every day like I used to, I don’t rotate upper and lower body. I started out this blog with a plan to lift every day, but I’ve been doing yoga a couple of times a week and I can definitely see the improvement in my running. So now every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do a weight routine that works all different muscles, rather than targeting one specific muscle zone. The routine below is my usual “Friday” workout. I’ve put links to YouTube tutorials in case you’re unfamiliar with the terms and exercises. Get out there and sweat!


4 Sets

Weighted Single-Leg Jump-6 reps/leg
Bench Press-5 reps/set
Clap Push-Up-3 reps/set
Chin-Up-8-10 reps
DB Single-Arm Shoulder Press-12 reps/arm
Plank-30 seconds/set

3 Sets 

Weighted Squat Jump-6 reps/set
Back Squat-10 reps/set
DB Reverse Lunge-8 reps/leg
Reverse Hyper-12 reps/set

2 sets 

Hanging Knee Raises-15 reps
DB Side Bends-10 reps each side



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