Belly Belly Nice

“And happiness so pure as this is surely worth the making.”-Dave Matthews Band

100aa314ceb811e1bed91231380ffeeb_7 - CopySo I have a confession to make: my diet lately has totally sucked. I know there’s no real excuse for indulging, but the holidays definitely don’t make it easy. And by holidays, I mean starting at Halloween. From then on, it’s temptations out the wazoo until New Year’s Day. So now that I’m a couple of weeks out of the holiday season, I’ve reconstructed my eating plan to keep me focused. Mind you, I usually work out in the mornings, so depending on my work out agenda, things may be a little different. I divided up my days based on my workout schedule, with the different options I give myself.


  • Pre-run: Two scoops of peanut butter; banana; Gu Gel (depends on duration of run)
  • Post-run: Almond milk with dark chocolate syrup; Protein smoothie
  • Mid-morning snack: Chobani yogurt; an apple and almonds/string-cheese
  • Lunch: Salad; soup; last night’s dinner leftovers
  • Afternoon snack: Jerky; almonds; sun-dried tomatoes; trail mix
  • Post-workout dinner: Some type of meat with veggies (broccoli/spinach/peppers); salad from Whole Foods


  • Post-workout breakfast: Greek yogurt, fruit and granola; Oatmeal with berries; Protein smoothie; Egg whites with feta cheese and whole wheat toast
  • Mid-morning snack: Protein bar; dried fruit
  • Lunch: Tuna/chicken salad on whole wheat crackers; salad and soup
  • Afternoon snack: Pretzels; fruit
  • Post-workout dinner: Salad and soup; protein smoothie; egg white omelet

Aside from the food choices that you make, variety is key to a healthy diet. You don’t want to keep eating the same things over and over again, because you’ll get bored quickly and will be likely to splurge on unhealthy options. Instead, incorporate fresh and new foods into your diet often. Please know, I’m not an expert. I’ve researched and read my fair share of publications and have been to a professional nutritionist a good bit in my life, but I’m by no means a professional. Happy and healthy eating, friends!



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