Kill Your Heroes

“Never let your fear decide your fate.”-AWOLNATION

photo (2)Good morning, lovers. It’s Saturday!! No better way to kick off the weekend than a killer workout. Since I did a lovely 7 mile run yesterday and have an 11 miler on my plate for tomorrow, I decided to do a full body workout this morning (along with an hour of spin), with more concentration on my upper body. Here it is. Happy lifting!

Weighted Squat Jump-10 reps/3 sets
Tempo Squat-8 counts per squat/2-3 sets
Leg Curl-8 reps/3 sets

Incline Bench Press-8 reps/3 sets
Speed Bench-4 reps/4 sets
DB Reverse Fly-12 reps/3 sets
Low Row-12 reps/3 sets
DB Lying Tricep Extension-10 reps/3 sets


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