Sweet Nothing

“But I’m tired of hope with nothing to hold. I’m living on such sweet nothing.”-Calvin Harris


I gotta be honest, you guys: this week has been rough, with a capital R. I haven’t been feeling 100% and I’m struggling to get my energy back up. I went out running yesterday and it was hands down, the worst experience of my life. It was 19 degrees out, but with the windchill by the river, it was only 12 degrees. I layered up (5 layers to be exact), so I thought I was prepared. NOPE. Every part of my body hurt during that run. My toes were frozen, my fingers went completely numb, and my face was all kinds of chapped. Definitely not the run that I wanted to start my week with. I stood in a steaming shower for almost 20 minutes before my skin felt normal again.

On top of the nasty weather, this week just happens to be every girl’s favorite week of the month. You catch my drift? This would explain why I fell asleep at 8pm on Monday night and literally laid on the couch all day yesterday, unable/unwilling to move. I’m chalking this week up to be my least favorite week of January. I’m going home on Friday for some much-needed R and R and snuggle time with my dog and my God-daughter. YAY!

Since Monday was the only semi-decent day when it comes to workouts, I decided to share that routine with you. I’m probably going to be taking it easy for the rest of the week, doing some weights here and there, but mostly doing yoga and cross-training. Hope your week is going better than mine!

Power High Pull: 5 reps/3 sets
DB Single-Leg Squat: 8 reps per leg/3 sets
Scissor Jumps: 5 reps per leg/3 sets
DB Incline Bench: 8 reps/3 sets
Med Ball Chest Pass: 5 reps/4 sets
DB Single-Leg RDL: 8 reps each leg/3 sets
DB Front, Lateral Raise: 8 reps each side/3 sets
Low Row: 8 reps/3 sets

Close-Grip Bench: 3 sets/6-5-4 reps
DB Shoulder Press: 6 reps/3 sets
Chin-Up: 10 reps/3 sets
Dips-12 reps/3 sets
DB Hammer Curl: 10 reps/3 sets



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