Catch & Release

“Pardon me. Want to live in a fantasy?”-Silversun Pickups

photo (4)So today, I was gonna make a post about my obsession with Chobani. I eat it multiple times a day and have mastered the art of combining it with unexpected items, yet making it taste so amazing you forgot you were eating yogurt. Then I thought about posting the random concoction I made with chicken, avocado, and sun-dried tomatoes to top on whole wheat crackers for lunch. But then I realized, I’m all over the place. None of the posts were coming together well. I didn’t want to give you all some half-assed version of my thoughts. To be honest, my thoughts are all over the place. Ever have that happen? Last night, I texted my friend in my sleep, calling him a snake. Ever have THAT happen? Maybe it’s because I have so much planned from now until May (almost every weekend has something happening from now until Broad Street), so I’m excited and restless thinking about it all. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been going through some big changes. Whatever it is, the only thing that helps me concentrate at this point, is running. When I’m chasing those pavements, it all stops. I can breathe (even though most of the time, it’s heavily), and I feel light (even though most of the time, part of me feels weighed down by something). Maybe this is one of those “transitional” times that my mommy always tells me about. Whatever it is, I’m going to rally, pull my inner-OCD self back together, and start scheduling posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Stay tuned!

Tell me guys: what do you do when you feel restless or all out of sorts? What gets you refocused?


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