You’re Gonna Love Again

“Hearts run, right to the end. People come on you don’t need to be scared, cause you’re gonna love again.”-Nervo

photoMorning y’all! Friday is finally here and let me tell you-it seemed like it took forever. Like my new running tights? I’ve been on this neon kick lately. I think it’s because I’m so ready for warm weather and bright colors. Plus, it’s really hard to miss someone running in those babies early in the morning. I practically light up the sidewalks while running. Anywho, I overslept this morning. By the time I woke up, I should have been halfway through my run already. Once I got out there, my legs felt so heavy. Not only were my legs like a ton of bricks, but it was hella windy and freaking freezing. What the hell happened to spring being here?! In order to heat myself up when I got home, I followed up my run with an hour of Jillian Michaels’ yoga. She kicks my butt and I freakin’ love it. As of today, I have 43 days until Broad Street. I’m way ahead of my training schedule since I started a few weeks early. It’s nice because with all the fun stuff going on, it leaves room for me to move around my runs, without stressing myself out. The one thing I didn’t do much when training before was have a life. I realized that life is too short to do nothing but focus on training and running. If I work hard during the week, I leave the weekends to give my body some R&R.

imagePart of the reason that my legs were so heavy this morning was because I did a track workout yesterday. If you want to get faster, speed intervals are the only way to do it.  My training schedule called for 7×800 meter sprints. Running 3.5 miles worth of sprints definitely takes a toll. The nice thing about the gym I go to is that one of the locations has an indoor track. Totally clutch for speed work. To get the most out of your interval training, you must run at the pace you want to run a 5k. I’d love to be consistently running 8-8:30 minute miles for a 5k, so that’s the pace I try to keep while lapping the track. I have a love-hate relationship with speed work. Since I’m a long distance runner, I prefer to stretch my endurance over a long time period, rather than do short bursts. But this change in training keeps me moving and keeps me from getting bored and slow. Although I dread hitting the track at 5am for an hour, it definitely pays off. I can definitely see the results of speed work when I do both my short and long runs.

Well that’s all for today folks. I’ll be headed to Baltimore to see a concert with a friend tonight. I’m super excited. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Talk to you Monday!



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