Pusher Love Girl

“Be my little pill and just creep into my bloodstream.”-Justin Timberlake

Holy freaking moly. Where did my weekend go?! I swear it was just Friday and I was getting excited for concerts and tequila. Oh well. This weekend was fantastic. Baltimore was a blast on Friday night. On Saturday, my sister and I spent the day shopping and hanging out. Then yesterday, I raced a 10k at my 5k pace. I was ecstatic to say the least when I finished. My legs felt so light. It was glorious. I love runs like those. They remind me of why I keep pushing myself so hard every day.

So yesterday, while relaxing on the couch (which I pretty much did all day after my run), I decided to download some of the new Justin Timberlake album. Sweet baby Jesus. SO GOOD. I’ve been listening to it nonstop, but mostly this song. Pusher Love Girl. Oh my. Eight minutes of pure heaven in my ears. It doesn’t hurt that it completely hits on every emotion that has been running through my body for the past three days. Tee-freakin-hee.

Enjoy it, you guys. Happy Monday.


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