Follow My Feet

“And my beliefs will keep me on the ground, and I’ll keep on walking to the sound.”-The Unlikely Candidates

photo (4)Remember how I said that I pretty much live on Greek yogurt and coffee? Well, they don’t really hit all of the food groups that I need to properly fuel my training. That, my friends, is where supplements come in! My girl friend asked me the other day if I take any vitamins or supplements, and she was completely in shock of how many I actually take every day. It’s a nice little handful. I take a few of them twice a day to get the recommended dosage. I can’t stomach taking them in the morning, so I wait until I have some kind of snack or meal before I take them. Anyways….here’s the list!

  • Calcium-I pop 1000mg of calcium every day to help keep my bones and joints strong. Since my mom has osteopenia, a calcium supplement is really important for me to take every day.
  • Iron-I don’t eat that much red meat (however, I do love me some spinach, Popeye), so taking iron supplements keeps the oxygen flowing to my muscles to fuel my workouts. I down 1000mg of iron every day.
  • Vitamin D-Calcium and vitamin D go hand in hand. In order for our bones to absorb calcium, they need to get enough vitamin D. I pop one of these 1000mg tablets every day. Once the warm weather starts rolling in, running outside will also get me some extra vitamin d (and a super attractive runner’s tan line).
  • Fish Oil-This supplement works wonders for reducing muscles soreness and increasing lean muscle. I take 1000mg of fish oil per day.
  • Multivitamin-I’m pretty sure everyone should be taking some kind of multivitamin on a daily basis. These babies make up for anything and everything that your diet leaves out.
  • Whey Protein-Whey isn’t just something to add to your smoothies. Whey protein is important in building muscle and strength. Plus, it’s easily absorbed and digested , which is why recovery smoothies made with whey are so amazing. I try to have a smoothie after every strength workout and/or long run.

Now that you know all the pills I’m popping, I wanna share you with my new food obsession: Coconut Cashew Quest Bars. Sweet baby Jesus, these things are AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE. Do not try them unless you want to become instantly addicted. I picked mine up at GNC, but you can find a retailer here. I pack one in my gym bag and finish it by the time I walk home.

Happy Hump Day, my loves! Keep on keepin on!


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