Can’t Hold Us

“Y’all can’t stop me. Go hard like I got an 808 in my heart beat. And I’m eating at the beat like you have a little speed to a great white shark on shark week.”-Macklemore

proxy (7) - CopyGOOD MORNING! Happy Friday! I’m in an obnoxiously good mood today. I had a beyond fantastic run this morning. My mommy is coming down today for the weekend, which means it’s for some spring cleaning/decorating. AND I get to snag some new running sneakers this weekend. AHHH.

Ok so in case you were wondering, my favorite strength training move is squats. I look forward to them every Wednesday. Nothing makes me feel better than sweating and shaking from putting my “tits to knees, ass to feet” (my old trainer used to tell me to do that and it’s stuck haha). Imagine how pumped I was when The Body Shop on Runner’s World did an article on SIX different kinds of squats for runners. SO HYPE. I usually do front and back squats, but this past week, I decided to add side, overhead, and split squats too. I used a much lighter weight than I usually do, just until I got the hang of it, but my legs/glutes were still on FIRE. It felt so good. I literally left the gym with jello sticks in replace of my legs. I can’t wait to make those all a part of my weekly routine. Wanna do the other three squats? Here’s the Know Squat? article.

Get out there and do some squats y’all. And have a wonderful holiday if Easter bunnies and marshmallow peeps are what you’re into!


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