Sugar, We’re Going Down Swinging

“I’ll be your number one with a bullet. A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it.”-Fall Out Boy

photoCan you believe it’s Wednesday already? Shoooot. On Monday, I was complaining talking about how much crap I ate over Easter. So to reset everything, I decided to do a detox that I found from a fellow runner and blogger, Laura. I’ve been following Laura for a while and I’m currently participating in her Virtual Run Series (which has been a blast!). This woman is wild and I look up to her crazy speed and strength. So anyways, I saw her tweet about a sugar detox and was instantly game for it. But let me tell you: it’s been harder than I’d like to admit. Monday and Tuesday I stuck with Level 1, eliminating all added sugars from my diet. But today, I’m stepping up my game and getting on Level 2, cutting out sugars and processed foods. Oye, this will be interesting. As hard as it is to do, I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel, inside and out. I can’t wait to see how I feel come Sunday (just in time to get zombiefied and chase people around for three miles).

Tell me guys: What do you do to get yourself back on track? Detox? Cleanses? Share with me! Happiest hump day wishes to everyone. Talk to you on Friday! YAY 🙂



  1. We’re getting there!! Yesterday was definitely the hardest for me… my energy took a dive and I really wanted something sweet, but I didn’t cave. Best of luck cutting out processed foods today!

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