I Choose U

“All our dreams are coming true, so don’t be scared of losing me, because I’m always choosing you.”-Timeflies

Friday, Friday! I’m super excited that today is Friday, for a few reasons: 1. I have off work. 2. My parents are in town. 3. We’re going to see Fleetwood Mac tomorrow night. 4. I have the Zombie Run on Sunday. AHHHH. There are no words for how awesome this weekend is going to be.

image (1)Yesterday, I woke up and tried to run at 6am. I got about 20 minutes into it and was completely done. My legs didn’t wanna keep going. My lungs were burning. My hands were frozen. And at that point, my head was out of the game. I don’t know if it was because I was doing a tempo run or what, but my body was not having it. I hate having crappy runs in the morning because it puts me in a crappy mood for the rest of the day. I stopped at the gym on the way home and did a half hour of ab work and some stretching. Determined to get that tempo run in, I set out again later in the afternoon. Different location, different temperature. I was hoping that it would change-up the feel of the run, and I was right. I logged almost 5 miles in that 40 minute tempo run. YAY!

So…what is this tempo run I speak of? And why do I have such a love-hate relationship with them? Because, they’re freaking hard. Tempo runs are meant to train your metabolic fitness, the key to success in running. Integrating these runs into your training increases your lactate threshold (or the pace when your body starts to tire out). Here is how a tempo run goes:

  • Warm up for 10-15 minutes (depending on the duration of your run) at a pace that is pretty easy
  • Gradually speed up and hit the pace you want to race a 10k at for 20-30 minutes
  • Come back down to your easy pace for the last 5-10 minutes

When all is ran and done, you should feel like you got your butt kicked, and be ready to pass out stretch it out. After tempo runs it’s extra important to give your muscles time to flush out the lactic acid that was built up, so make sure you cool down and stretch. My hip flexors were killing me last night after my run, so I did a little yoga afterwards to loosen up.

Lace up those shoes and get running, my loves. I can’t wait to share my Zombie Run experience with you. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates and pictures. Talk to you guys on Monday!



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