“Every second here makes my heart beat faster, finally think I found what I’m chasing after.”-Krewella

Hump day, hump day! This week has been hella hectic. I feel like Wednesday got here rather fast (not that I’m complaining or anything). I can’t believe I’ve been able to wait all this time to share with you how freakin awesome The Zombie Run was on Sunday. Holy moly. Ok. Here we go!

Let me preface this whole story by telling you that Fleetwood Mac was absolutely unbelievable. I have no idea how people who have been playing for so long, and made it through the 70s and 80s, can still rock out that hard for two and a half hours. Steve Nicks looked as beautiful as ever, and I completely fell in love with her and Lindsey and their whole love story romance thing. There’s no way to describe the energy they brought to the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night. By the time we got home, it was almost midnight. I was way too excited to sleep, but my alarm was set for 5am. I tweeted that they probably wouldn’t need much make up to make me look dead, cause knowing the amount of sleep I wasn’t going to get I’d pretty much be a zombie anyways.

image (2)Fast forward to race morning: I’m up and at FDR Park before the sun is even close to coming up. I checked in and got in line to get my makeup did. Can I just tell you: I was frozen, down to my toes. I felt bad for the guy doing my makeup because my lips kept quivering. I met a couple of girls in line and we came up with a plan of action for the race. Since we were in group that would be the runners’ last obstacle before crossing the finish line, our plan was to just walk along in the same direction as the runners, then turn around and snatch those balloons just when they thought they were safe. It worked like a charm. I had so much fun and it was such a nice change of pace from being the runner/racer. I’d definitely do it again (maybe in Miami in October!).

Props to my sister for snagging that lovely shot of me, post race. My face was rubbed red and raw by the time that shit came off. I don’t know how those Walking Dead actors do that all the time. My skin would not be having that.

Hope your week is going well, you guys. I have something special planned for Friday, so stay tuned!


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