“I want it so bad, and you’re the right boy, at the right time.”-Say Anything

photo (7)Good morning, FRIDAY! I woke up and it was chilly and rainy. Holy bipolar weather Batman. Wasn’t it just 85 and sunny?! Oh well. As long as it’s nice tomorrow for margaritas and BBQ, I don’t care.  I tossed on my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt and headed to the track to do some speed work. This morning was a lovely set of 7×800 sprints. I increased my weights on Wednesday night on my squats and lunges, so my legs were still feeling a little sore. It’s crunch time for  training now! I have TWO weeks left of training before I have to start to taper. I’m getting all kinds of anxious! C’mon Cinco de Mayo, I’m ready for those 10 miles and post-race tequila shots!

image (3)

So last night I headed up to Philly Power Yoga for a class with my friend, Ewa. I met Ewa almost 4 years ago when I was in school at St. Joe’s. We took spin classes together, and eventually she started training me, kicking my ass on a daily basis. Meeting her changed my life, in so many ways. She helped me through some serious struggles and changed the way I looked at myself. After I graduated, I moved into the city for grad school, so I stopped going to LA Fitness. I hadn’t seen her in almost two years when she let me know that she was teaching at Philly Power Yoga every Thursday night. Last night was the first free Thursday I had in while, so I decided to head up and give it a try. The room was set at a toasty 80 degrees and it was a power yoga type of class. The studio was packed. When I say packed, I mean there were 40 people squeezed into this tiny room, with literally 3 inches between the mats. Good bye personal space. I always get nervous before taking a new class, but it felt good to be back under her instruction. She always makes me feel confident and helps me push myself. Her class was the perfect combination of ease and effort. The added heat definitely helped me go deeper into the poses and my legs were burning by the time we got to cool down. I left that room feeling exhausted and exhilarated (not to mention totally drenched). Needless to say, my Thursday evenings will now be spent with Ewa, sweating my tush off.I don’t know how many of  you have taken a hot yoga class before but I’d love to get some feedback! Let me know where you go and how you like it. I’m always open for new things.

Have a fantastic weekend, you guys. Get out there and get your sweat on!


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