The Phoenix

“You know time crawls on when you’re waiting for the song to start, so dance alone to the beat of your heart.”-Fall Out Boy

IT’S MARATHON MONDAY! I know I’m such a running nerd, but seriously how can you not get excited about the Boston Marathon? When I was running this morning, I kept thinking about racing the Boston one day. That’s definitely on my bucket list. Today if you need me, I’ll be stalking Runner’s World on Twitter for race updates. It’s pretty much the only thing that’s going to get me through my Monday. Well, and 44oz. of Diet Dew. I had a little too much weekend, but it was totally worth it. Saturday was freakin fantastic. Day drinks, bonfires, and college bars. God, SUMMER COME SOON!

So, I’m having a small regret. I was going to get tickets to see Fall Out Boy for their Philly show in May, but  passed  on it because I was worried that it would be nothing but screaming teenage girls. After seeing Say Anything back in October, I feel like my age is starting to show. I was probably one of the oldest people there. So uncool. But I’ve been streaming FOB’s new album and I’m in love and now I really want to go. This song makes me dance in the car like I’m 16 and just got my license. WAH. I guess I’ll try to see if I can get tickets from someone. Anyone wanna go?!

Anywho…Happy Marathon Monday, you guys. Hope it treats you well!


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