“You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise.”-Florida Georgia Line

Greetings from Miami, you guys! I flew in last night and absolutely loved waking up to palm trees and warm Florida air. I went out to run this morning and forgot that Miami’s lows are Philly’s highs during this time of year. And it’s way more humid. My lungs are finally getting adjusted to springtime in Philly (aka pollen coated sidewalks), so they were really screaming at me for changing up climate yet again. Poor things!

proxy (11) - CopySo while we’re on the topic of spring weather and running, a few girls asked me about running gear that works best for spring temperatures (and the occasional mid-run rain shower). Most days it’s pretty warm, but we still have our randomly cool days. I usually head out in running capris and a tank top, or a t-shirt and shorts. I’m really picky when it comes to my running clothes, and spend far more time and money in City Sports than I do in H&M. I can wear just about any kind of top, as long as it doesn’t get loose from being sweaty, but doesn’t fit too tight. I don’t like UnderArmour shorts but I LOVE their tights and capris. For shorts, I pretty much only wear Nike shorts because of how perfect they fit. Here’s what I’ve been rocking this spring so far:

  • UnderArmour Mesh Tank: The fit of this tank is perfect. There’s room to breathe, but it doesn’t droop even when drenched in sweat. I sweat like man, especially when running so this is really important.
  • UnderArmour Capris: It took me forever to find capris that hit my calves at just the right spot, and didn’t ride up or down when I’m running. Well done, UA.
  • Nike Tempo Shorts: I wear these things all the time. I probably have 20 pairs, in every color possible. If you’re a runner and you don’t own a pair, shame on you!
  • Nike Running Jacket: This is one of my favorite presents from my parents. It’s a light jacket, but still keeps you super dry in the rain. Plus, I love pockets to stuff all my goodies in and this has super cool secret pockets.

There’s a little look inside my running closet. This week coming up will be my last week of training before Broad Street. I can’t believe how fast it got here. I’m still accepting….and encouraging…donations, so if you haven’t already, visit my page and make a donation!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be spending mine with my toes in the water, butt in the sand, and sun on my face 🙂


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