“All systems go, the sun hasn’t died. Deep in my bones, straight from inside.”-Imagine Dragons

Hey there, Hump Day! You sure did get here fast. Race week seems to be flying by, probably because I’m so freakin excited. But I’m not gonna lie…my energy hit its low this morning. 4 miles felt like 12. I talked about tapering on Monday, but another key component for my race week rituals is carb depleting-the reason my butt is dragging this morning.

photo (12)Starting Monday, my diet started to be really heavy in protein and super low in carbs. Usually I stick to a 3:1 carb to protein ratio (3 grams of carbs for every 1 gram of protein). But the week before a race, I don’t consume anything with over 8 grams of total carbs in it. Depleting the amount of glycogen I digest 5 days before a race will help my body store glycogen more effectively when I carb load the day before the race and burn it more efficiently on race morning. The first couple days of depletion are the worst. It takes a couple of days before my stomach will stop cramping and growling. By Thursday, I’ve started to ignore all the crap my body is giving me, and focus on getting my mind ready for the race. I stick to foods like egg whites, lean meats, and salad.

Carb depleting and tapering go hand in hand. Even though it’s awful running with no energy, it gets my body ready to race. You start burning fat about an hour into a long distance run, so the stronger your glycogen storage is the less fat you’ll burn. Once you start running on fat, your likely to start slowing down. No one wants that. Especially this girl. I’m trying to PR this year 🙂

We’re almost to Friday, you guys! I’ve started compiling the perfect 10 miler playlist. Can’t wait to share it with you!


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