Run This Town

“I’m addicted to the thrill. It’s a dangerous love affair.”-Rihanna & Jay Z

photo (14)Hot dog, it’s hump day! The soreness has finally worn off enough for me to recap my fourth (and best!) Broad Street Run. Where to begin? I woke up early on Saturday morning so that I could head down to the expo to grab my race packet. Since I raced with the American Cancer Society, I got to skip all the lines and head straight into the expo before it was too crowded. It was awesome. I love race expos but I really hate dealing with all the crowds and crazy people who don’t know how to walk in a packed convention center. Getting in and out before 8:30am was absolutely perfect. On my way home from the expo, I stopped by Philly Pretzel Factory to start off the carb loading process. Nothing beats a warm soft pretzel for breakfast. After running a couple of errands, I got home just in time for my family to show up. We spent the afternoon outside in the sun, with my compression socks on and my legs up. My mom decided that she wanted to cook dinner on Saturday night, so she made pasta Primavera. Holy heaven. I’d like to think that was the reason I had such a great run on Sunday.

Fast forward to 6am on Sunday and I’m up and getting ready to run. I downed a banana with peanut butter and headed up Broad street to the starting line. It was colder than I expected, but the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect for race day. I took off around 8:50. I started off at about a 9 minute mile, but by mile 2 or so I was comfortable at an 8:43 minute mile. For some reason, it just felt like the perfect pace. I tried not to look down at my Garmin too much. Sometimes, I let my head get in the way of my body when I’m focused on my time. I just wanted to enjoy the race for what it was worth. Every couple of miles I’d check and for some reason that 8:43 kept sticking. I was worried that if I started off too fast, I’d bottom out by mile 6. As I came around City Hall (mile 5), I downed a Gu Gel and picked up my pace a little, peaking at 8:26. Once I hit South Philly (about mile 8.5), I could feel my legs getting heavy. All I kept thinking was: you’ve run under a 9 minute mile (my goal was at least that) this entire time, so don’t freakin stop now. I hit the Navy yard and sprinted to the finish line.

photo (13)My official time was 1:27:47. My Garmin told me I ran an 8:43 average, but my chip estimated an 8:47. Regardless, it was the best run I’ve ever had. I set a new personal record and beat the time for my corral. It was literally the perfect race. I got to the DetermiNation tent to see all my loves and was an ecstatic sweaty mess. I couldn’t stop smiling. Maybe it was the runner’s high, or maybe it was the thoughts of all the margaritas I’d be drinking as soon as I got home. Whatever it was, I never want to forget that feeling.

It’s funny how when your heart is happy, everything else seems to fall into place. My legs felt light and my lungs felt strong. It feels so good to know that all the hard work I put in has finally paid off. So now it’s time to plan ahead. I’m thinking of registering for the Philly Marathon in November. Even though I ended up backing out this past year, I think I’m ready to commit. I’m going to give myself a little break from training, but still keep running a few times a week to keep that pace in tact. Once I create a new workout schedule, I’ll be sure to share with you.

We’ve made it half way through the week,  you guys. Talk to you Friday!


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