On To The Next One

“I move forward, the only direction. Can’t be scared to fail, search and perfection.”-Jay Z

photo (16)Oh hey, HUMP DAY! Somehow, my legs are still shaking from last night’s work out. This beauty to my left was my Tuesday challenge. Yesterday, I woke up at my usual 4:45am (more unwillingly than usual) and ran 3 miles. The faster I get, the harder these small runs become. I enjoy the challenge, but man do I get sweaty. After work I headed straight to the gym to do a Spartan workout. A while ago, I decided to sign up for these daily emails from the Spartan Race. My friend talked me into doing them together so that we could train for the race, but somehow I’m the only one still standing. Figures. I get these workouts on a daily basis and have a binder full of them printed out. If I’m getting bored with weights or just want an extra boost, I grab the Spartan binder. If you want to get your butt handed to you on a silver platter, let me know. Or just sign up for the emails and get your sweat on. I guarantee your entire body will feel like a wet noodle after you’re done.

Since I only did 3 miles on Monday and Tuesday, and 4 miles this morning, I’m gonna up my mileage over the next couple days. 5 miles on Thursday and Friday, then 7 or 8 miles on Sunday. I’ll be back home with the family this weekend, so my Sunday Runday will be through cow country. As much as I dread going home sometimes because there is nothing to do, it can be a nice change of scenery. The weather is going to be beautiful, so I’m feeling a night of grilling and beergaritas. Work hard, play hard right?

The next time I’ll talk to you guys it will be Friday. We’re almost there. Heads up and hearts open!


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