Sweet Honey

“You tell me that your love is true on each and every day. You tell me that you’ve got that type of lovin’ here to stay.”-Slightly Stoopid

IT’S FRIDAY, FRIDAY! So now that I got that God awful song stuck in your head, I just wanted to let you know that I’m SO FREAKIN EXCITED that it’s Friday. My plan for this morning was to get up and have a quick 4 mile run this morning,  do a little yoga and head to work. I’m clearly too ambitious for my own good. What actually happened was this: I got stuck in massive amounts of traffic last night on my way back from Maryland, didn’t get to bed until late, woke up at 3:30am unable to fall back asleep, and just woke up at 7am to email my boss to let him know that I’ll be working from home today. I guess running and yoga will wait until the lunch hour because my body was not having it this morning. HOWEVER, nothing can stop me from being excited about this weekend. All I can think about is filling up my gallon sized water gatorita bottle, putting on my cowgirl boots, and dancing around to Tim McGraw. Truck yeah!

photo (17)I’ll be water chuggin’ and Advil poppin’ when we get home tonight because we’re getting up bright and early tomorrow (8am sharp, Mike!) to drive home. It’s going to be a gorgeous 77 degrees tomorrow and I plan on enjoying every second of it with my family and friends. Every Saturday when I’m home, we have everyone over and spend the afternoon cooking and drinking. My mom made her famous margaritas and I’ve picked out several items to make for apps and of course, din din! Since my dad won’t be around, we’re skipping the grill and making a summery pasta. I found the recipe on Pinterest, and it looks absolutely yummy. It’s super light and fresh, plus ridiculously easy to make. Here it is: Avocado Basil Pasta. I can’t wait to share how it turns out.

Well I’m off to get to some work done from my home office  bed. I hope you guys all have a glorious weekend! If the weather is nice, get out and run!



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