Little Lion Man

“Rate yourself and rake yourself. Take all the courage you have left.”-Mumford and Sons

photoOh hump day. I was not prepared for you at all. I was up way too late last night seeing The Darkness rock out at The Troc. However, I will take a RedBull to the face and rally.

Since Broad Street, I’ve definitely cut back on how much I run. At most, I’m running 3 times a week. A short run (3 miles), a tempo run (4-5 miles) and then a long run of at least an hour. To keep my endurance up, I’ve started spinning again on the days that I’m not running. Spinning requires the same level of endurance that long distance running does, so it’s perfect for cross training. Here’s the spin routine that I did on Monday. It was filled with tons of hills and lots of sprints-my favorite kind of workout.

Sorry this is a bit short, but I’m slowly falling asleep at my desk, chin rested on 24-ounces of Wawa coffee. Happy hump day, you guys! Let’s pray I make it to see Friday.

Song Artist Workout
Shining Down
Lupe Fiasco Warmup
Take It Off Ke$ha Tempo
Just Dance Lady Gaga Standing+seated climb
Summer Love Justin Timberlake Standing climb
Switch Will Smith Speed intervals
Since You’ve   Been Gone Kelly Clarkson Seated sprints
I Can’t Get No   Satisfaction Britney Spears Hill intervals
Boyfriend Justin Bieber Tempo
Now You See It Pitbull Speed intervals
The Big Bang Rock Mafia Seated climb
Man Eater Nelly Furtado Standing+seated climb
Bust the   Windows Jazmine Sullivan Standing climb
Single Ladies Beyonce Speed intervals
Toxic Britney Spears Tempo
How Do You   Sleep? Jesse McCartney Speed intervals
Sweet Nothing Calvin Harris Seated sprints

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