When the Sun Goes Down

“This sweet concoction is smooth as molasses, nothing to do but breathe all day until the big moon rises and it’s time to play.”-Kenny Chesney

photo (18)FRRIIIDDAAAYYY! THREE DAY WEEKEND! YAY! I hope all of you are half as excited as I am that it’s finally Friday and finally Memorial Day Weekend. This may be my favorite weekend of the entire year because with it comes so many great things: the beach, my friends, summer time, and of course…adult beverages. So in honor of this fantastic holiday, I thought I would share with you my go-to beverage for boozing on the beach: Gatorita.

Gatoritas are super simple to make and even easier to put down. You need three things-lemon lime Gatorade, triple sec, and tequila. Here’s what you do:

  • Grab a mason jar or glass and dump some ice cubes in there
  • Fill it a little over half way with Gatorade
  • Pour in one part/shot of the triple sec
  • Pour in two parts/shots of tequila
  • Stick a straw in and stir around
  • Shake in a little salt or sugar if that’s what you’re into
  • And drink up, buttercup!

image (5)See, so simple. I encourage all of you to hop on the Gatorita bandwagon and enjoy a nice cold one this weekend. That face I’m making in the picture to your right is my Gatorita face…if you couldn’t tell. OH, but let’s not forget that I’m also super excited about running on the beach too. This weekend wouldn’t be complete without some barefoot running in the sand. I can’t enjoy myself until I know I’ve earned it. AHHH! I can hardly contain my excitement right now. I don’t know how I’ll ever concentrate on anything important today when all I can think about is getting in that car with my boys and boozing in the backseat (just kidding…kinda).

Happy Memorial Day, you guys. Enjoy it. Be safe. ‘Merica, f yeah!


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