Long Hot Summer

“The only place that I wanna be is where you are cause anymore than a heartbeat away is just too far.”-Keith Urban

2045_10151941334020299_402590750_nHey there, hump day. It feels like it has been forever since I’ve been on here. I’m finally feeling 100% normal again after a very, very fun Memorial Day Weekend. The festivities kicked off on Friday afternoon early evening. I posted up in the backseat and provided the boys with plenty of Gatorita induced entertainment for a 4 hour drive down to Maryland. It usually only takes 2 hours, but if MDW is good for one thing, it’s traffic. By the time we got to Ocean City, we decided it was probably best to just stay in. BUT, we were up bright and early on Saturday morning to get on the beach. Even though the forecast predicted it to only be high 60s, the sun felt so much warmer. Warm enough that the Irish boys got burnt and I almost got a tan line (Italian girl problems).

Since we spent some time during the day at Seacrets or Fager’s, we tried to switch it up at night. If there is one thing I’m a total sucker for, it’s a good hidden gem. We485570_10151937144510299_1086290871_n found this place, Ky West, right next to our hotel and ended up there almost every night. From the outside, it looks cheap and almost dumpy, mostly because of their dingy looking sign. As a marketing major, this killed me. Nothing can ruin a fantastic restaurant like terribly crafted advertising. But when you walked inside, you were completely blown away. They have this great porch that we took over each time we went there. It was less crowded than places like Seacrets or Macky’s, and the food was amazing. You guys definitely need to try the next time you’re in OCMD. It’s right on 55th and Coastal Highway. I’m sad to see MDW come and go, but if it was any indication of the summer to come, color me stoked.

So on a much different note, my gym/running/workout routine has been slacking hard. I need some motivation. I don’t k581000_10151941334495299_97308827_nnow if it’s because I’m commuting longer (which means getting up way earlier), or because it’s significantly warmer. Whatever it is, my desire to run has been pretty low. What’s upsetting is that after Broad Street, I was so amped by my PR that I was ready for marathon training. Maybe it’s just a dry spell and I need to stop being so harsh on myself. Or maybe I need to get seven kinds of psycho on and get my ass back in gear. Help me guys! What do you do to get yourself out of a workout rut?

I hope everyone’s Memorial Day was as amazing as mine. And just think: the weekend is almost here once again 🙂


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