“I’m just trying to drink a few, soak up all the sunshine, not a damn thing running through my young mind.”-Sammy Adams

photo (24)Happy Monday, you guys. It’s a rainy (more like a monsoon-y), muggy day here in Philly. The commute to work seemed especially long this morning. After such a hot and humid weekend, I hope this rain means cooler temperatures. This weekend was another one for the books. I didn’t feel at all like going out on Friday, so Mike and I went to see The Great Gatsby. I know, I know. For someone who is so obsessed with the book, you would think I’ve seen it 12 times already. But, I was so hesitant to see it because if the movie was bad, it would ruin the book for me. From the time it started, I had goosebumps all over. It was amazing. It was literally word for word out of the book. Nothing was left out, nothing was changed. It was perfect. I may be more in love with it than ever before. In July, Trent is throwing a Gatsby themed July 4th party in Miami. After seeing this movie, I am beyond excited to get down there.

On Saturday, Luke Bryan came to Camden with Florida Georgia Line, so we packed up the beers and headed over the bridge. Aside from the 97-degree heat, it was an awesome afternoon. Luke Bryan put on quite a show. It was one of the best concerts I think I’ve ever seen (and trust me-I’ve seen plenty). The whole night from start to finish was awesome.

Sunday morning rolled around and we were up early to begin Bike Race celebrations. All of Manayunk filled the streets to watch the race. After a few hours, I decided to head back and cook dinner for everyone. Two hours and three casserole dishes later, stuffed shells were a success in the Terrace Street household. Those boys are going to have leftovers for days.

When I was watching the bike race yesterday, all I could think about was working out and running again. After some serious thought, I decided that rather than train for a marathon, I want to get faster. I’m going to sign up for a couple of half marathons and train to race them at the pace I would have to run to qualify for Boston. To get fast, I’m going to have to get lean, so a serious change in diet is in order. Less carbs, more protein.  Less talk, more action. Lots of speed work and more weights. It will be hard with so much coming up in June, but I have to do it. With that in my head, I woke up at 4:45 this morning to go run. Tonight after work, I’m headed back to the gym. I must stay focused, and I’m counting on you guys to hold me accountable. I’m going to start logging all my workouts again and using this to track all of my progress (the good, the bad, and the ugly). So here…we…go!

I love when old songs pop up on your iPod unexpectedly. “Summertime” came on this weekend and has been on repeat ever since. Listen up 


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