Bang Bang

283183_10151403459320299_260847298_n - Copy“Lovesick, I got that fever. Love stupid, I know it.”

WHOOOP! Hump day! It’s National Running Day, you guys!  I wish I could express how happy I am that we’re half way through this week. For some reason, I want nothing to do with this week and kinda just wanna fast forward to my birthday week. Yeah, I have some pretty sweet plans for this weekend (a wedding, a Kenny Chesney concert, and brunch with my long-lost lover from another mother), but C’MON! Birthday weeks are SO much better than all that 🙂

I’d like to think that my 360 degree difference in mood has to do with the fact that my double days are back in full swing (along with my OCD diet regime). I’m sore and I’m tired but I love it. I feel SO much better than I did this time last week. Thank God. I have finally wrapped my head around the fact that I don’t always have to run in the morning in order for it to be a good run. So instead, I’ve been weight lifting in the morning and then running later at night. When I train for races, early morning runs are crucial because they get my body ready to run early on race day. But now that I’m not really training for any races, I don’t have to worry about all that. I can just focus on getting faster. Tonight, I’ll be going to the track and doing some 800m repeats. That should be fun. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done speed work.

It’s been a long time coming, but here is my new work out schedule for post-race season. I’m hoping you guys will help me stick with this, regardless of hot dates or concerts or any other excuse I can possibly find (that should be a skill on my resume). Happy hump day/ National Running Day! Get sweaty 🙂

Monday Upper body & Abs 3-5 mile run
Tuesday Legs Spin
Wednesday Upper body & Abs Sprints
Thursday Legs 2-4 mile run
Friday Upper body & Abs Spin
Weekend Long run + yoga

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