Hang Loose

“Put them worries on the shelf  and learn to love yourself.”-The Alabama Shakes

proxy (12)Did anyone else feel like it took Friday FOREVER to get here? Seriously. Well, good morning from the not so sunny Philadelphia. I had a rather sticky run this morning and still feel like I’m standing in a sauna. On the bright side-I get to leave work at noon today! WOO! Over the bridge and through the hood, to Dirty Jersey I go. Mikey’s cousin is getting married tonight, so we’re getting all boozed dolled up. As many of you may not know, I’m really not that girly of a girl. I get ready for work in like 25-30 minutes, shower included. So when the opportunity arises for me to put makeup on and do my hair all nice, it’s a big deal. I always knew that I work best when I’m under pressure, but it wasn’t until I had a dress dilemma that I truly realized it. The dress I ordered from Gap came on Wednesday but was WAY too big. When I say too big, I mean it looked like someone put a navy box over me and called it a day. I stuffed it back in the bag and literally ran up to the store on 15th and Walnut. I couldn’t exchange it for a smaller size because apparently it was an online exclusive (fancy, huh?) and I almost had a breakdown in the middle of the Sips happy hour crowd. But leave it to H&M to save the day. Fingers crossed that it looks as good tonight as it did in the dressing room.

Call me a nerd, but when I go shopping the first thing I look for is the running gear. For some reason all the bright-colored shorts and shoes just make me so happy. Gearing up for summer runs can be difficult. It tends to get really hot, and really sticky in the city, so I tend to wear the same tried and true gear. Here are my essentials for staying as dry as possible on those summertime runs:

  • Nike Racer: I keep one of these in every color. They fit loosely and stay pretty dry, even when I sweat like a man
  • UA HeatGear Bra: These are a favorite year round actually. These babies know how to hold down the fort.
  • UA Hot Shot Headband: All of UA’s headbands are great, but these are perfect for keeping hair and beads of sweat up and out of my face.
  • Fuel Belt Water Bottle: I really hate to run with things in my hand, but this water bottle fits perfectly. I usually fill it half way up with water, then freeze it over night. The next morning, I take it out and top off the rest with water. My favorite part? The little pocket to store my keys in (told ya I’m a nerd).

Just talking about this stuff makes me want to run. I hope I made all of you want to run to Nike/UA and stock up on some sweet summer running gear. Happy Friday, y’all 🙂


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