The Hurry and The Harm

“Everyone wants everything no matter the cost, we’re longing to live in a dream.”-City and Colour

image (7)Good morning, you guys. Happy Monday. It’s another rainy morning in Philly, but I woke up with the biggest smile on my face because it’s my birthday week! Sure, my actual birthday isn’t until Saturday, but I plan on celebrating a little each day. I started off my morning with an hour of yoga. I forgot how good it feels to start off the day with some yoga. Hopefully this weather will clear up and I can get a run in this afternoon.

Rainy weather aside, this weekend was pretty great. On Friday, I went back to Cherry Hill with Mike for his cousin’s wedding. Somehow, we only managed to get one half decent picture. It’s a shame because our color coordination was perfect. image (6)Saturday morning, we headed back to the city for the Kenny Chesney concert. The sun didn’t really come out until an hour or two before we went into the concert but it was still the perfect day for tailgating. And of course Kenny kicked some serious butt. Next to Dave Matthews, he’s the ultimate summer concert. Yesterday was spent relaxing. I went to brunch with a friend that I haven’t seen in ages, and then spent the afternoon cooking meatballs for the boys. There is no better feeling than a silent room full of people stuffing their faces. I think the balls were a hit. Now, I just have to find a way to top the meatballs for my next Sunday dinner. Suggestions?

Everyone have a great Monday! Talk to yous on Hump Day 🙂


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