Shooting Star

“I love just who you are, I ain’t gon’ try to change ya. You are a shooting star. That’s why you are my favorite.”-David Rush

photo (23)As much as I hate to admit it, dating made me lazy. Mmmhmm. The last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed early to run, or skip a nice dinner date for a spin class. But, the scale don’t lie and neither do my hips. Now that I’ve finally gotten back into a solid work out routine, I feel better about the random date nights and lazy Sundays that sometimes happen. There’s 9 days until West Palm Beach, which means one thing: crack down time. But  I know that after the beach (even though I intend on working out while there), I’m going to want a plan. As much as Mikey likes to say he’s gonna work out everyday, I know that sometimes we could both use a little extra push. I do give him big props though, because he was the only boy to ever really go running with me. I’ve had guy friends who ran with me, but none of my boyfriends ever had the guts. Good job, babe. You da bomb.

Even though the weather has been hella bipolar lately, I decided to think of some fun things we can do together to keep us active.

  • Fun runs. If there’s one thing that seems to be abundant in the summer, it’s fun runs. Between Color Me Rad, The Zombie Run, and Yards Beer 5k, you have a ton of fun, not so competitive races to do together. I even read about a his-and-her relay race. That would be a freakin hoot.
  • Hikes. Philly also has a ton of parks and trails that are fun to explore. The  Wissahickon Trail, Strawberry Mansion Trail, Forbidden Drive, the Manayunk Towpath, and Valley Forge are all great places to take up a random Sunday afternoon.
  • Tough Mudders. This might be a little bit more ambitious, but doing a Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash with a group of people is so much fun. A couple of summers ago, I did one with my friend/former trainer and it was a blast. Sure, my legs were beaten to a bruised and bloody pulp, but I felt fantastic afterwards. An added bonus: all that mud does wonders for your skin.

See, there are plenty of ways to mix the two things I love. Now all I have to work on is cutting back on the wine and dessert 🙂


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