Chasing the Light

“And you keep saying that you’re running down a dream, but you don’t know where it leads as you keep chasing the light.”-Mat Kearney

photo (26)Holy moly. I can’t believe it’s Monday already. This weekend disappeared in a blink of an eye. As suggested by my horoscope, I disconnected from the virtual world as much as possible (aside from snapping the obligatory beach photo). Disconnecting really let me get my mind in a positive place for a pretty big happening today. The beach is my favorite place to reconnect with my thoughts. There’s just something about digging my toes into the sand that makes me feel like my true self. It probably goes back to the days when I was little and would run wild in Sea Isle.

I apologize for such a short and slightly useless post, but I’m completely distracted today. I promise an extra special post for Wednesday. Send me good vibes today, y’all. I need them!


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