Up, Up, & Away

“Happy to see how far I’ve come to the same place it began my dreams and imagination.”-Kid Cudi

Oh hump day. A week ago I was soaking up the last bit of West Palm sun before heading to Miami. Now I’m back in the City of Brotherly love. I have SO much to share, so I guess the only place to start is the beginning.

image (14)Friday night. Our bags are packed, the alarms are set, and I’m at Mike’s house getting ready to go out with some friends. At 9 or so, his mom called us and said that our flights had been cancelled out of Philly the next morning. In an absolutely panic, I call Expedia and Delta and any other person that will listen to this dilemma, and help us find a way to get 7 people all on the same flight to West Palm Beach. After an hour and a half on the phone, we were booked to fly out of Baltimore on Saturday afternoon, which meant we’d have to take the train from Philly to Baltimore earlier in the morning. Tickets purchased, problem solved. Let the wild rumpus start!

image (15)Saturday morning. After hardly sleeping, I get up at 5am to run, shower, and make sure Mike gets his butt up out of bed so we don’t miss our train to Baltimore. We get down to 30th Street Station and begin the journey to Charm City. The ride went surprisingly fast, but then we realized we got off a stop before we were suppose to. One more train ticket and an hour wait later, we’re on the same train as the rest of the Jensen clan headed to BWI. We get to the airport, make it through security, and stuff our faces with food. We flew from Baltimore to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to West Palm. The layover included a few Bloody Marys and some yummy cheesecake. Before we knew it, we were checked in to the resort and passed out from the 12 hour trip.

image (17)Sunday-Tuesday. My mornings began at 7am. I woke up and run/used the gym in the resort. There was a pretty solid selection of equipment, so I was able to do almost everything that I usually do at home. PLUS, there was a sauna. What I miss most about my old gym is my post-workout sauna sessions. We’d spend the rest of the mornings laying by the beach or pool until around 3, when the rain usually started. Once the rain began, so did happy hour. We were lucky enough to have a decent amount of sun throughout the day. On Tuesday night, we headed into West Palm Beach for dinner. Technically we stayed on Singer Island, so it was a 15 minute ride to West Palm. After eating our body weight in oyster shooters and seafood, Mike and I packed our bags for Miami.

image (16)Wednesday. We spent the morning by the pool, and left for Miami in the afternoon. We hopped on yet another train, and traveled for two hours. As tradition, the second we got there, we headed to Green Street for drinks. Mike kept wondering why I had barely indulged while we were in West Palm. Little did he know, the amount of indulgence that would occur in the following days would make up for a month’s worth of dates. After Green Street, we headed to Sawa for sushi. After dinner? Oh just an impromptu trip to Randazzo’s for the biggest meatball I’ve ever seen. To end the night? Nothing like dessert at Seasons 52. WOOF. You know what they say: when in Rome Miami.

photo (27)Thursday. Happy July 4th! YAY! We started off the celebrations with some red, white and blue breakfast. Nothing like fruit-infused champagne at 9am. We spent the day outside, drinking, playing games, and just hanging out/enjoying the hot Miami sun. We could see the Biltmore’s fireworks from Trent’s backyard, so there was no need to even leave the house. Awwwww yeah, America.

Friday. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned how much Trent likes to entertain, but Friday he decided to throw a day-after-July 4th party, since so many people were away for the holiday. Cooking began bright and early. Once the meatballs were put in the oven, we headed to the beach for a little bit and then enjoyed another yummy lunch at Green Street. By the time we got home, the house smelled unbelievable. He made 5 pounds of pasta, some for a homemade alfredo and shrimp sauce, and the rest for red sauce and meatballs. It was delish, as always. After eating my body weight in pasta and tiramisu, we spent the night outside, enjoying a very tiny break in heat.

image (20)Saturday-Sunday. I wish I could say that our last day in Miami was spent shopping or doing something super crazy fun, but sadly, it was the hottest day since we got there, so it was spent watching the entire second season of American Horror Story, and eating delivery Burger King (yes, you read that right…DELIVERY). We woke up early Sunday and headed to brunch at the Peacock Garden Cafe. They had these ginormous mimosas in Mason Jars that were just so yummy. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic Florida vacation. We made it through the airport and arrived back in Philly with zero drama, delays, or cancellations. I just about kissed the ground.

image (21)Monday was a little rough. I hated being alone after spending all that time surrounded by friends and family. I’ll be headed home today to spend some time with my own family. It’s been forever since I’ve been back there and I might as well use the free time I have to spend some quality time with my favorite people. I hope after reading this that everyone feels like they went to Florida themselves (or are just wildly jealous). Stay tuned for Friday’s post about my latest Whole Food’s obsession. Happy hump day, yous guys!


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