Crooked Smile

“But like the sun, all you know if I’m on my way down.”-J. Cole

photo (29)Happy Friday yous guys. It’s a chilly rainy shitty Friday here in cow country. I’ve got a busy day of errands ahead of me. There are tailgating preparations that need attended to. BUT, I wanted to share with you two of my latest obsessions. Number one: DISNEY DUDEZ. So freakin awesome. I seriously can’t stop listening. It’s pretty much my entire childhood wrapped up into one YouTube video. Holy moly.

Now onto number two: BluePrint. I could spend hours and hours in Whole Foods, just wandering around, reading labels, looking at different brands. The other day, I was in the wandering mood and in need of a post-vacation cleanse. After a week’s worth of vacation and this weekend at home, I’m gonna need some serious damage control to get myself back on track. I stumbled upon BluePrint at Whole Foods and was sold. I got home, researched and ordered a week’s worth to start on Monday.

I know this is a pretty short post, but after the book I wrote on Wednesday, I’m sure you don’t mind. Oh and happy 1/4 of a year anniversary to Mikey. He sent those beautiful Black-Eyed Susans to my parent’s house yesterday. I’m still trying to figure out how he knew that they’re my favorite šŸ™‚

Happy Freaky Friday. Have a fantastic weekend!


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