The Best of What’s Around

“See you and me have a better time than most can dream, have it better than the best.”-Dave Matthews Band

IMG_4665Hello, Monday! I’m quite excited for this week, mostly because I have some special visitors coming to stay with me. Teehee. Plus, this weekend should be super relaxing. Other than a birthday party on Saturday, I have ZERO plans. It’s the first time since May that I don’t have a weekend full of stuff planned. It will be a nice little break and will hopefully result in a lazy Sunday, with breakfast in bed (wink wink, Mikey).

IMG_4678This past weekend was a ton of fun. Dave Matthews Band was absolutely amazing on Saturday. I don’t think I could ever be disappointed by him, ever. Although Hershey seemed hotter than usual and I immediately sweat out any beer I drank, by the time the sun went down and he started to play, I forgot all about the heat. I was super happy when he played one of my favorite songs of all time. It was a great combination of new Dave and old Dave, even though everyone knows old Dave is SO much better.

The next big concert I have to look forward to is Darius Rucker. He’s playing Musikfest this year and I’m pumped. I’ve been listening to him since before I can remember. I can’t wait! Today starts my cleanse. I’m so excited to get back into my normal eating and exercising schedule. Vacation was nice, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. Have a marvelous Monday, yous guys!


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