Knock Knock

“Everybody, please put a thumb in the air.”-Mac Miller

It’s Flashback Friday yous guys (in case you can’t tell from the song I currently can’t take off repeat)! The other day my best friend texted me and said “knock knock” and of course my immediate response was “LET EM IN!”. You know you’re from Philly when that’s your response to what used to be the beginning of a joke. In case you aren’t from Philly and you’re really confused right now, Mac Miller’s “Knock Knock” was the Flyer’s anthem a couple of years. Good freakin stuff, Fly Guys, good stuff.

So anywho, happy Friday. It’s been a long, hot week and I’m ready for the weekend. After I put up my post on Wednesday, I started to feel like crud from my detox. A whole week was not a good idea, especially with this heat and me still working out twice a day. I decided to finish the rest of the cleanse in spurts, two-three days at a time. That should leave me feeling good, without feeling drained and loopy.

It was a brutal run through Manayunk this morning, at almost 90 degrees before 8am. I’m ready for fall weather to say the least. Well, TGIF guys. Have a fantastic weekend!


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