Punching In a Dream

“Bright lights turn me clean. This is worse than it seems.”-The Naked and Famous

Good morning and happy Friday from the Terrace Street porch. It’s a beautiful 66 degrees here and I couldn’t be more content. In the perfect world, every day would be 65 and sunny. A girl can dream, right?

When I was at the gym yesterday, a song came on my iPod and the only thing I could think of was cheering. Back in the day, I was a competitive cheerleader. I know, I know. You’re probably giggling to yourself. My sister and I were both a part of Cheer Tyme. Our mama drove us an hour and a half, three times a week to practice and all over the country to compete on the weekends. To say I miss it is an understatement. There’s not a day that I don’t wish I could just go and tumble for a few hours. Or toss on the old uniform and dance, dance, dance.

After giving it some thought, I decided that I really wanna get back into it. I’m gonna do some research over the weekend and see where the closest gym is with a tumble track and a spring-board floor. It’s gonna be tough, but I wanna get back to being ridiculously flexible and obnoxiously peppy.  In order to get back into cheer shape, I gotta start strengthening the muscles I need to tumble and jump. This weekend will be all about research and planning workouts. Handstands and handsprings for days, you guys. All I have to say is….poor Mikey.

Oh and that video below? That’s Top Gun. They’re one of the biggest and baddest teams around. We placed third against them in Nationals one year. Not too shabby, eh? If you can watch that video and not get goose bumps, I’ll buy you an ice cream.


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