“Sweet love is a chess game…check mate.”-Eminen

20130912-134521.jpgTGIF! I’m so excited that it’s finally Friday. Looking back, I guess this week kinda went fast. But for some reason, those work days seemed to drag. Have I told you how obsessed I am with Eminem’s new song? The video is sick and reminds me of when/why I fell in love with Em in like eighth grade. Teehee (did you catch that lyrical reference?). It’s the perfect running song and has definitely been a staple song this week. Anywho, let’s take a look back at my training runs.


  • Monday: Stretch and strength. I did full body circuits for an hour in the AM, then a yoga class in the PM. Done and done.
  • Tuesday: A terrible 3 mile combined treadmill and outside run.
  • Wednesday: 5x400s in the AM and a 5k in the PM. So much better.
  • Thursday: Full body circuits in the AM, and a lovely 5k (on 2 hours of sleep I might add) in the PM.
  • Friday: Rest aka making up for my two hours of sleep from the night before
  • Saturday: 5 miles on Kelly Drive
  • Sunday: An easy 3-miler

Here’s to hoping that my pace picks up as the weeks progress. I made a new playlist that I can’t wait to share on Monday with you. I have lots to look forward to this weekend. Beautiful weather, anniversary dinner, Keith Urban, and a long run. Happy Friday!


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