Own It

“You’re still the one I adore. Ain’t much out there to have feelings for.”-Drake

IMG_4853Hello, hey, hi! I was so excited to tell you all about my last Restaurant Week adventure, but unfortunately, it was somewhat anti-climactic. My sister and I went to McCormick and Schmick’s and we were kinda let down. Although everything was delicious, we left hungry because the portions were so small (but they made a mean Bloody Mary). I feel like that usually happens at the more expensive restaurants. It’s better to go somewhere that’s fairly priced and is actually going to give you the best bang for your buck. Oh well. My waistline is definitely thanking me.

So on Monday, I told you all about how my apartment is now decked out for fall. But guess what? That wasn’t good enough. I also needed to get my running drawer ready. This was more fun than decorating my apartment…let me tell you. I literally stalked out Nike and Under Armour all day yesterday. Here’s what we got:IMG_4845

  • Nike Miler & Tempo Shorts. If I’m going to run in shorts, they’re always Nike. And during the fall, I always pair them with a long sleeve shirt. It’s the perfect combination for fall weather.
  • UA Capris & Tech T-Shirt. If I’m going to run in capris, I gotta keep it short up top. I love UA’s tech t-shirts, but prefer men’s to women’s. I usually get a small and it fits perfectly. I know I know. I’m weird. But hey, it works.
  • UA Braided Headbands & Asics Kayano 19. I can’t run without a headband. I hate having hair in my face, and hate sweat running everywhere. My mom said I have too many of these things, but c’mon. How can you not want one in EVERY color? And we can’t forget the most important part of my running attire: my shoes. You all know by now that I swear by Asics and I’ve been running in these babies since May. I’m definitely due for a new pair, but want to wait and see what new colors they’ll be whipping out soon!

There ya have it. Time to go get yourself stocked up. Happy hump day! Get sweaty 🙂



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