Be Mine

“Just say alright, forever and alright.”-The Alabama Shakes

IMG_5079Friday! YAY! This week has been torture because all I want is for Saturday to finally be here. One sleep and one long run away! I wish I could tell you what I have planned, but I’ll have to save all that fun stuff for Monday. I’m really terrible at keeping secrets, so I’m surprised I haven’t let it slip. Looking back, it doesn’t really seem like we’ve only been together for 6 months. We’ve done so much that it feels like it’s been forever. It sure flew by fast though. Since he accidentally forgot to hide that little box over there, I got my present a couple days early. To be fair, I told him the other half of his gift. I decided that since we’ve been together a whole six months, he should get a six-pack for each month we’ve been together, and the 6 months that will lead up to a year. What a lucky boy, right? Here’s the membership I got him. Let’s hope he enjoys it and I won’t be a single lady come Monday 😉

Anyways, onto more important things. Here’s my training from this week:

  • Monday: Strength & stretch. I did some circuits in the morning and took yoga at night.
  • Tuesday: 3 miles
  • Wednesday: 7x400s around the track
  • Thursday: 4 miles
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 8 miles again (attempting to improve my last time from last week)
  • Sunday: 3 recovery miles

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Can’t wait to spill my guts on Monday! I love you Mike, happy half a year (because I know you’re reading this right now)!



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