Gone Gone Gone

“You’re my head start. You’re my rugged heart. You’re the pulse that I’ve always needed.”-Phillip Phillips

IMG_5102Good morning! It’s a beautiful morning in the always sunny Philadelphia. This weekend was absolutely awesome, from start to finish. I’m so excited that I can finally share with you what I got Mike! Let me preface this by saying that I really love giving gifts. I usually theme them and go all out. I was torn when deciding what to do to celebrate six months because it’s probably the last anniversary we’ll really celebrate until our 1 year mark. I wanted to find something that summed up all we’ve done together and give us something fun to remember. So…what is a reoccurring theme in our relationship and is something we really enjoy doing together? Well that’s easy: drinking. Since I got him the beer of the month gift, I started looking for other booze themed presents. I stumbled upon Cloud 9 Living and found a prohibition bar tour in Philly. It was perfect. We were taken to three different locations that had significant history in the Prohibition and given a signature cocktail. YUM. My favorite was the whiskey punch from Time. Our last stop was a speakeasy called The Ranstead Room. They have no website, no telephone number and a strict no camera rule. It was a really neat place to wrap up the tour. It was such a fun experience, even if we were the youngest and only not married couple there.

This week is going to be super busy. I’m really hoping that my running gets better. The past couple of long runs haven’t been what I wanted them to be. I’m getting anxious as race weekend is quickly approaching. Fingers crossed my legs start getting their act together.



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