“I know the seasons may change, but sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain and I’m under this umbrella and I’m calling your name.”-Justin Bieber


Ok. Please don’t mind/judge my serious obsession with Bieber’s new song. Seriously. I. CAN’T. STOP. For a second, I had to check to make sure who I was actually listening to. Those lyrics are hitting so close to home that it may just be on repeat for a while. Oh boy.

So on Monday’s post, I said how I feel like I’m hitting a wall in my training. My legs haven’t been feeling as strong as I wish they would. I get sluggish on my long runs and can’t get past it. I’ve spent the past few days re-evaluating some things. One of the most important aspects of the long distance race training process, almost as important as the running itself, is the fueling. I know that since starting my new job in August, my eating has changed drastically. While it’s more regulated by meetings and calls, it’s definitely more strict too. I have limited options due to location (I commute in on the train, and there aren’t very many quality restaurants in walking distance), which means I really have to make the effort to plan ahead. Most days, I bring an apple, a handful of almonds, and coffee for my walk/train ride to work. By the time 10 o’clock rolls around, I’m usually hungry for something, so I eat half of a QuestBar. That almost always ties me over until lunch, which usually consists of salad, soup, a sammy, or a combination of all three. On my way home, I finish the other half of my QuestBar, or a banana. I run as soon as I get home, then throw back some kind of dinner. What I thought was enough clearly isn’t. I need more to sustain my increase in mileage over the next month. I turned to my Runner’s World cookbook and started meal planning. Then I was looking through my old posts and found my old eating schedule. Even though I’m running at night mostly, and only do morning workouts twice a week, I can still tweak this to fit my work/running schedule.

Let’s hope that some diet changes will be the cure all for my lazy legs. I don’t have much time to lose until race weekend is here!


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