Lego House

“My three words have two meanings. There’s one thing on my mind-it’s all for you.”-Ed Sheeran

IMG_5138Well hello there! We’ve made it half way through the week. Woot woot. It’s about that time of year, a month or so before a race, when I start getting gadget fever. There are a couple things I need to get before my race, and one thing I really really want. I’ve been mulling over them for a while (I swear if I’m not impulsive I’m indecisive), and narrowed it down to three items. Here’s my nerdy running gadget wish list:

  • Up. I first heard about Up when I worked in pharma. One of my bosses, stationed out in California, was wearing it while it was still in beta testing. Apparently he knew the founder and was one of the first people to test it out. I’ve been pining for one since. You use it to track your sleeping patterns, exercise activity, and eating habits. Could you think of a better training companion?
  • Powerbeats. When it comes to running, listening to music is as important as breathing for me. While I’m usually not picky about my headphones (I’ve been running in Yurbuds), I could really use a good pair of headphones. They get used on the daily, sometimes twice a day and are the only thing keeping me motivated for almost 2 hours of running. I need these Beats.
  • Asics. These aren’t a want. They’re a need. I’ve logged way too many miles in my old shoes. This will be off my wish list within the next couple weeks.

What’s on your wish list? Are you as nerdy as me when it comes to running goodies? Let’s spend hump day getting excited about running gear 🙂



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