Something We Just Know

“We were thrown together like some backyard party. Who’da known forever could come from hardly knowin’ what looks like love and what feels like summer to me.”-Twin Forks

ImageHello race week!! Morning greetings from my new kitchen! I’m sitting at the table, enjoying a nice cup of pumpkin spice coffee, after a 3 mile run and circuit workout. I love days off. On tap for today? A trip to Target, a much-needed manicure, and another 3 mile run. Moving destroyed my nails and I need my good luck shade of “Hearts & Tarts” for my race this weekend. I had a case of cold feet on Friday night, but my Saturday morning 12 miler put my worries to ease. I may not run as fast as I did in May, but I’ll still be able to beat my course record.

IMG_5361This weekend was just about as perfect as the last. November is turning out to be an awesome month. The move went so well on Friday. I was moved out and moved into the new place by 9:30. The rest of the day was spent unpacking, rearranging, and trying to get as organized as possible before my parents move down. By the time dinner rolled around, I barely had enough energy to get a shower. Chinese delivery and a movie were all I could manage to do.

Unfortunately, I barely slept (way too many strange noises) and woke up at 5am on Saturday completely nauseous. I could barely keep down a scoop of peanut butter. Somehow I toughed it out on nothing but two Gu Gels, and ran close to my goal pace. After my run, I went out to Manayunk for lunch with Mike and some friends. The walk home was so nice that we all decided to make a trip to the park that’s down the street. I forgot how much I LOVE to swing. I hopped on the swing set and felt like a whole new person. There really is no better feeling than when you get you’re up that high on such a beautiful fall day. An afternoon nap and a few beers later, we decided to go out for a little bit. Nothing beats a cold Schuylkill Punch on a Saturday night.

IMG_5379I woke up on Sunday morning, ready to gear up for The Lemon Run, but my body was not having it. My legs were so sore that a handful of Advil didn’t even come close to helping. If it were any other weekend I’d just suck it up and run, but I didn’t want to risk pushing myself so close to the race. I fell back to sleep until almost 11, just in time to shower up and grab brunch. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

It wouldn’t be race week without all my crazy rituals. The carb depleting has started and I’m already dreaming about my pre-run pasta dinner. And the post-race burger. And the weekends I’ll be able to spend sleeping in again. You really don’t realize what you have until it’s gone 🙂


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