Somewhere Love Remains

“Love takes time to build its defenses, and trust takes time to tear down those fences, and what remains is stronger than ever before.”-Lady Antebellum

IMG_5352BRRRRRRRRR. Holy winter, batman. Nothing like walking to work in 28 degree weather. But, on the flip side, this week is flying by. Yesterday we had our first snow! I was walking to the train and it started to flurry. I was so in love. I love everything about Philly during the holiday season. Speaking of holiday season/presents, I’ve been rocking those Butter Shades since they showed up in my mailbox. I got Mike a pair too as a little anniversary happy. Next time we’re out and about, I’ll have to get a picture of us wearing them 😎

I’m super excited because tonight is Taste of Philly. When I was in college, I interned with Philadelphia Weekly. Taste of Philly was the first event that I got to manage from start to finish. It was an amazing experience and made me fall in love with event planning and marketing. I try to go every year to see if it tops the last year. A few of my girl friends/fellow PW veterans will be there and I can’t wait to catch up with them. The only part that sucks? No carbs. Or booze. There’s going to be a beer garden and more food than I’ve seen all week. My self-control is going to be working overtime tonight. I’ll just have to make sure my hot date doubles up on everything for me 🙂


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