Helluva Life

“Well we all have faith, and we all have hope, but we’re all a little lost in the same damn boat.”-Frankie Ballard

IMG_5604Goooood morning! It’s a winter wonderland in Philly! We got almost 8 inches of snow since Sunday. I’m IN LOVE with this pretty white mess. Monday was a crazy day and I needed a mental health day to get myself back into check with life. After a fun weekend ended with a trip to the ER, I needed a day to disconnect and regroup. Let’s recap some things, shall we?

IMG_5624After work on Friday, I headed to Atlantic City for a night with my girl friends. Sometimes you just need to dress up and dance till you drop. And oh did we ever. We were heading to bed, just as the sun was coming up. I slept for all but three hours before heading back to Philly for the Running of the Santas. My best friend from home came down to visit, so we spent the day together, getting in to the Christmas spirit, catching up and crying from laughing so hard. Sunday consisted of LOTS of snow. My best friend headed to the Eagles game (aka the Snow Bowl) and I planned on going to Baltimore to see Say Anything. The snow started laying pretty heavy and I decided that probably wasn’t the best idea. I was really bummed. We see them together every year. Hopefully they head back out on tour again in the spring.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I’m allll over the place, in a holiday daze. I still need to get ONE more Christmas present and decide what the heck to do for New Year’s Eve. Happy humpin everyone 🙂



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