This Christmas

“Presents and cards are here. My world is filled with cheer and you.”-Chris Brown

IMG_2032AHHH. Friday the 13th! The 13th of the month is still my favorite day, even when it’s full of superstitions. Anyway…y’all know I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since Black Friday. And while my Christmas shopping has pretty much been done since before Thanksgiving, not every one gets as excited as me about gift giving. Every year, I pick a theme for each person and get way too carried away when deciding all the goodies to include in each gift. People usually end up getting a Christmas basket full of stuff because I have a hard time deciding/saying when enough’s enough. I decided to give you a sneak-peek of what’s under my tree.  I’m just too excited to wait any longer. Who likes surprises anyways?

  • Mom & Dad. Since I would usually take tasty treats home from DiBruno’s, Claudio’s, or The Reading Terminal to my parents, this year I have to try something a little different. Now that they’re back in Philly, I’m thinking of sending them on a Cloud 9 Living experience like Mike and I did for our anniversary. Food tour maybe? Wine and cheese night? Sounds perfect. Since Mike’s parents love to grill, I decided to get them some grilling goodies from Crate & Barrel. I also saw this basket from Harry & David. Tough decision, let me tell you.
  • Girl friends & sisters. I LOVE shopping for my girl friends and sister, mostly because we have such similar taste and it’s like I’m shopping for myself. This year I stocked up on bracelets from Alex and Ani, Michael Kors key chains, Rifle Paper Co phone cases, and Philosophy goodies. Ladies, you’re making out well this year.
  • Boyfriends & brothers. I decided to buy all work-related goodies for Mike. Lucky for him, this wasn’t just a trip to J. Crew. His new carry-on (because he travels quite often) is stuffed with a shirt with his initials monogrammed on the cuff from Brooks Brothers, a few pair of sweet socks from Jack Threads, and a travel kit from Urban Outfitters. I also stocked up on some Camp Brand clothes and Whiskey Chillers (complete with a bottle of Johnny Walker of course) for my other favorite boys.

If you aren’t finished your shopping yet, I hope this inspired you to get creative. Happy gifting, my loves!


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