All These Things That I’ve Done

“I got soul, but I’m not a soldier.”-The Killers

IMG_5659Ohhhh Monday. How did you get here so fast? This weekend was way too short and way too much fun. On Saturday, my sister and I threw my parents a surprise party to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. It was so nice to have friends and family get together before the holidays to celebrate. We had all the old photo albums and it was crazy to see how things have/haven’t changed over time. Apparently, I still look the same as I did as a baby. Today is their actual anniversary and I can’t wait for my mommy to see her presents from my dad. SO excited. Sunday was spent relaxing and decorating for Christmas. As you can see from the picture, Zoe and I didn’t leave the couch for most of the day. I really can’t wait to celebrate Christmas this year.

This week is all about getting back on track with exercising. I’ve been fighting off a fierce cold, but I’m thinking I can just sweat it out in a couple of days. Last week was one of the laziest weeks I’ve had in a very long time. I had no energy. I could feel myself slowing getting sick. It wasn’t fun. This week, all my energy will be focused on getting myself back to where I want to be before the holidays. Here’s what we have on tap for today’s weight sesh, followed by a nice little evening run.

Cheers to a new week!


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