“Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy, fallen for the fear and done some disappearing.”-Sara Bareilles

Hump day! Whoop whoop! I’ve got some visitors in town, so this post is going to be short, but motivational. I promise. Since my last post, I came up with two more personal goals for myself. How ya like them apples, ehh? The first: live in the present. I spend my entire day with my faced shoved in a computer screen. When it’s not in the computer, it’s shoved in my phone. I’ll admit it. I’m a social media junky and there so many things that just feed my addiction. But, I decided that I needed to start making the most out of my free time, and all the extra opportunities I get to spend time with my loves. So that’s what I was doing last night, instead of writing this 🙂

What’s my second goal, you ask!? Learn something new every day…literally. It doesn’t have to be super useful. It can be completely random, like how many steps are in the Eiffel Tower (the answer is 1,792, by the way). AND I’ll start sharing all my learned facts with you guys. It will be fun, learning all theses new things together. I like it.

I said that this post was going to be motivational, and here’s why. I love my job, but if I could pick one place to work for the rest of my life, it would be Procter & Gamble, the ad agency of all agencies. I want to spend the rest of my life creating ads that make me feel the way the one below does. Or this one. Watch. Feel. Get inspired!



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